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Peplink Multi-WAN Routers from Cyberlab CC

By: Cyberlab CC  03-04-2011
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Review your Internet Contingency Plan:
With increased dependency on Internet applications comes the need to ensure business continuity during ISP outages. Most businesses still depend on a single service provider for Internet access in their home and branch offices. With increasing dependency on Internet access, any service interruption can bring catastrophic results.

100% Internet Uptime:
Peplink Balance multi-wan routers can provide your business with 100% Internet uptime! Business owners can now add commodity Internet services like ADSL and WiMAX and end up with cost-effective Internet service redundancy. The high-performance Peplink Balance routers let you combine as many as thirteen different Internet services that will detect when any service has gone offline and automatically switch to available services. The highly reliable Peplink Balance will ensure that your business always has Internet access.
Improve your network:
The demand for Internet bandwidth is increasing. Internet is needed for communication tools like email, VoIP service, and video conferencing. The increasing popularity of online office suites, online photo management, social networking websites, and other new cloud applications makes Internet an essential part of daily life. Streaming HD videos or transferring large files further consumes more bandwidth. A cost-effective solution to easily add bandwidth to handle all of these applications is necessary.Break Internet bandwidth limits with Peplink Balance’s Load Balancing technology. By load balancing Internet traffic over active links, Peplink Balance gives you the extra bandwidth necessary for new Internet applications.Access your favorite web apps at lightning speed by connecting new Internet links, aggregating all bandwidths, and load balancing traffic across all links.

Optimize Network Traffic by Load Balancing:
Peplink Balance gives you the flexibility to customize your network. Easily increase network speed and bandwidth by adding new Internet links from multiple ISPs. Use higher bandwidth connections for critical applications, and other connections for surfing the net to ensure smooth transfer.

Link Failover as Backup:
If any of your connections fail, failover will take place and traffic will automatically be routed through other connections. With multiple connections through Peplink Balance, you can access the Internet with no interruptions.

Host Servers with Confidence:
Peplink's Inbound Load Balancing Algorithms enable visitors to enter your server through different Internet links to enhance the customers experience with faster response times and higher speeds. Hosting Email, e-commerce, VoIP, and other business applications has never been easier, faster, and more reliable.

Better Connection Between Offices with VPN Bonding:
With Peplink’s Site-to-Site VPN Bonding, you can easily connect office branches. Peplink’s VPN Bonding turns all available connections into one big Internet pipe, giving your VPN tunnel the sum of bonded bandwidth. Communicating among your offices has never been faster and easier.

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Keywords: IT Consulting, NETWORK, Routers