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Concrete Pots from Simply pots

By: Simply pots  03-11-2012
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Whether you plant in them or use them solely for decorative purposes our pots will stand the test of time.

We have a small range of unique colours consisting of two types of paint. The first one is a specially prepared durable cement based paint that contains both weather and ultraviolet resistant chemicals. The paint is hardwearing and over a short period of time it will change and develop a unique natural mottled finish and even streaking may occur. As honesty is our only policy we like to warn our customers about the streaking.

What would a website be without some technical stuff?  Although chemically formulated to restrict the effects of efflorescence (White marks/streaking) The Cement based paints may, due to the nature of Portland cements, exhibit efflorescent marks. Now these white streaks/marks are left behind when water is driven out of the concrete and or cement paint onto the surface of the pot, when the water starts to evaporate the salts can’t be evaporated and so are left behind causing white marks\white crystals on the surface of the pot. However, do not be put off by this! It is very minimal and not always noticeable and some people like the look of this as it adds character to the pot overtime. We have samples in our display exhibiting this so come and see for yourself.

The second type is a textured acrylic paint that will not flake or peel. The use of this paint eliminates streaking and mottling as it does not “age” like the cement paint. The finish is slightly shinier with good water resistance.

Our ever popular “rust” colour remains a favourite. This stain is acid based which etches itself into the concrete allowing the colourants (metallic salts) to penetrate the concrete and after several coats produces a rich dark “rust” colour. This stain does not flake or peel.

And if you don’t like any of our colours and if you are the creative type then you can always order the pot “raw” i.e. natural concrete/cement and colour it yourself.

Keywords: Concrete Pots, Garden pots, Pots, Water Features