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By: Buzan  11-11-2011

Grass Roots Leaders

Grass Roots Leaders: The BrainSmart Revolution in Business galvanises the emotional enthusiasm of the workforce and taps the wealth of their brain power to create an engine of innovation that ripples through the organisation from the bottom up and powers it forwards.

Tony Buzan, Tony Dottino and Richard Israel pick up a theme they first introduced nearly a decade ago in The BrainSmart Leader and further document the way to change fundamentally the perspective and behaviour of leaders and employees in your organisation. Their approach shows how to:

~ Use the brain's capacity: Solve problems and implement innovative plans to make the organisation's vision a reality.

~ Adopt a 'three-gear/three speed' technique:
- First gear - slow down and allow new learning or support for difficult transition periods.
- Second gear - shift to a productive work outcome.
- Third gear - champion innovation and change.

~ Apply a series of proven models for:
- Dealing with information overload.
- Making the best use of scarce resources, such as time.
- Helping develop and keep sight of successful outcomes.

The book accurately captures the current state of thinking in organisations, as well as the latest research on how our brains work - to deliver a radical blueprint for how organisations need to change to survive.. and what this means to their managers and to their employees.

If you are a leader who longs to use the grass roots intellectual capital in your organisation but, given the quantity of meetings, e-mail, crises and reorganizations, you simply haven't had the time, this book is for you. And if you are an employee who is sick and tired of daily stress, bad planning and poorly thought-through changes and implementations, customer complaints but no improvements, this book is for you, too.

ISBN: 9780566088025