Algae or not.The lowdown of chlorinators

By: Gerrie's Pool Pump Repairs  11-20-2011
Keywords: Water Chemistry

Someone wants to grow Algae. I know why but i will keep that to myself for now. If i study what makes Algae grow I will also know what inhibits Algae growth. This study has also led me to why Eco Friendly or ' Green Pools " has the answer. Unfortunately the cost of a eco friendly pool is very high, so that led me to someone who is building a chlorinator that requires no salt, or any chemical whatsoever to bring pool water to near spring water quality.
This Chlorinator kills Algae, E Coli, and all sorts of bacteria and " Goggas " that lurks in water.
I will update this info as i get to know more or if there is interest on this subject.

Some Tips. Keep the weir basket clear of leaves and debris. Also regularly clear out the surface skimmer sock or pouch if pool is fitted with one.
To make it short and sweet : Take all leaves etc out of the water ASAP since all of it carries algae spores. Even a dead leave. Once it comes into contact with water the spore immediately starts growing and quickly multiplies to reward you with nice shade of green pool water.
Remember, Chlorine is removed by Sun, Lightning in the area, swimmers and rain.
Incidently, A dog the size of a grown Alsation releases more bacteria than 5 toddlers in the same pool.
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Keywords: Water Chemistry

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