MPower Menstrual Cup

MPower Menstrual Cup from LBM Projects

By: LBM Projects  10-20-2010
Keywords: sanatary

LBM Projects presents the MPower Menstrual Cup.

MPower Menstrual cup is made from 100% medical grade silicone.  Easy to clean as the lining is totally smooth and the tab is flat. Rinse out with water or wipe clean.

Can be used by all women.  Can be used before first sexual intercourse and in conjunction with IUD or contraceptive diaphragm.
Can be worn during sports.

Used with care the Mpower cup lasts up to 10 years.

Not tested on animals.

Holds up to almost 3 times the amount of fluid that an average tampon or sanitary pad can.  Needs to be changed less frequently than even the highest absorbency tampons and can be worn overnight.
Odourless and entirely invisible with no string.
Comfortable as it is made from soft flexible silicone.  Convenient to carry in your bag, nothing to throw away or to run out of.
Safe to use before onset of menstruation so ensures maximum preparation.

Keywords: sanatary