MiaCup Menstrual Cup

MiaCup Menstrual Cup from LBM Projects

By: LBM Projects  11-23-2010
Keywords: Miacup, sanatary

Miacup can securely hold up to almost three times the fluid that an average tampon or sanitary pad can: between one third and one quarter of an entire average monthly flow. Perfectly suitable for both the lightest and heaviest flows, Miacup needs to be changed less frequently than even the highest absorbency tampons and can be worn overnight.

Many women will only need to empty the cup upon waking and again before bed.

With a little experience, Miacup is as easy to use as a conventional tampon. The soft, flexible silicone rubber that it's made from means that Miacup is also incredibly comfortable when in place. Most women are unable to feel the cup at all when it is properly inserted. Some women even report that Miacup can help reduce the pain associated with menstrual cramps and endometriosis.

Worn within the body, Miacup is odourless and entirely invisible with no strings or other external parts.

With proper insertion, Miacup pops open to form a suction seal that resists leakage and provides most women with more reliable protection than tampons. This makes Miacup ideal for those with an active lifestyle and especially suitable for activities like running, swimming, dance and yoga.

Miacup may be comfortably inserted prior to the onset of menstruation, ensuring maximal preparedness. This also means that new Miacup users will have the freedom to practice using Miacup before their period begins.

Miacup is 100% hypoallergenic and suitable for women with sensitive skin, thrush, eczema and allergies (including latex allergies).

Miacup is different. It does not interfere with the vagina’s natural sloughing off of dead cells. It collects menstrual fluid, rather than absorbing it, leaving all moisture levels undisturbed and allowing the body’s processes to function unimpeded.

The material from which Miacup is produced is entirely biocompatible (that is, not harmful to living tissue). Keep in mind that this is the same material from which permanent surgical implants are made.

Keywords: Miacup, sanatary