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By: Tank Services  04-02-2014
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Fuel is a grudge purchase. Let’s face it, you really only buy the stuff because you have no alternative. You need it! You simply can’t do without it! But it “hurts” every time you make that purchase. Well then, it should make sense to understand your fuel and know how to get the most out of it and how to best look after it?? But if only it was so simple - Consider the following: Fuel cost is the largest expense over the lifetime of a vehicle Failing to take your fuel seriously and being concerned about its quality and possible contamination can, and will, result in: Increased maintenance costs Increased engine wear Increased fuel consumption Increased down time Increased exhaust emissions All of these simply mean higher operating costs and reduced profits – less cash in your back pocket or on the bottom line of your company’s financial statements. What about Diesel? Diesel fuel quality – it’s just not a guarantee What about Diesel Advancements in diesel engine designs have resulted in quieter, smoother and more powerful engines. But one important factor overlooked is that the quality of today’s diesel fuel has not advanced at the same rate as the engine improvements. Within 30 days of refining, all diesel fuel regardless of brand, goes through a natural process called repolymerization and oxidation. Molecules in the fuel lengthen and bond together and begin to form varnishes and insoluble gums. These components will drop to the bottom of the fuel tank and form diesel sludge. The fuel begins to turn dark in colour, smell bad and in most cases causes engines to smoke. It is estimated that 80% of diesel engine failures have been directly related to contaminated fuel. The build-up of contaminates in the fuel systems and storage tanks can quickly clog filters, resulting in engine shut down, fuel pump wear and diesel engine damage. The culprits : Water & Bacteria Bacteria In Fuel Tank What your engine manufacturers generally recommend: Fuel should not be stored for more than one year Use only fuels meeting the specifications of SANS 342. This is really only a problem with cross-border fuelling by long distance hauliers. If you’ve stored fuel or have fuel of questionable age, the international recommended practice is to “polish” it by an outside service. Fuel polishing is the repeated “kidney-loop” filtering of the entire tank volume on a regular basis. Turning the entire volume of the fuel every thirty days is recommended. The solution The solution 2 The fuel will always be bad fuel until the core problem is addressed. The order of treatment for fuel related problems should always begin with: Determination of whether there is water in the fuel and if the fuel has microbes (fuel bugs) in it. An on-site fuel assessment by a specialist with the correct bottom-sampling equipment is required. The water issue should always be remedied first. If bacteria is detected, then the use of biocides is needed. Biocides kill bacteria, and that is all! Sludge has to be physically removed. There is no good time to find out that your engine won’t operate or that half its life span is gone prematurely because of contaminated diesel fuel. Since no one can predict an emergency, the only safe method is prevention and then maintenance. Realize now that you do have a problem and manage it, or deal with the unexpected catastrophe and reduced equipment life that comes at the absolutely wrong time and is not in the budget! As part of our service offering Matulor Tank Services polishes and filters the product in the tanks. And after we’ve cleaned the tanks, we are able to treat them for suspended water and bacterial growth. PLUS we do this on a National basis or across border…

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