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By: T.i.s. Technical Industry Services  11-11-2011

The Adroit Scrapers are unique in that they consists of a single, solid blade with no loose segments like conventional scrapers.

The blade is fitted into an adapter kit without the use of a conventional carrier system. This reduces the time taken to replace or change the blade. Scraper installation requires minimum space.

There are two different blades available, a standard straight blade and a parabolic blade.

Blades are interchangeable with each other.

Both types are available as single sided or double sided - with tungsten on both edges of the blade.

The double sided blade has a significantly increased lifespan whilst simultaneously reducing costs through the use of a single blade structure.

The new scraper blades are interchangeable with the older TIS scraper models, and are manufactured in South Africa for both the local and export markets.

Advantages of using the Adroit Standard Scrapers

  • Can be used as a pre- or secondary belt scraper.
  • Suitable on dry or wet materials.
  • Self adjusting through torsion sets.
  • Solid blade. (No segments)
  • Suitable for conveyors where belts of different thicknesses have been joined together.
  • Low on maintenance.
  • No moving parts except for the Torsion Elements.
  • Easy and quick Blade change.
  • Torsion set has multi-positioning capabilities allowing scraper to be used in environments where there is limited space available.
  • Interchangeable with old TIS Scrapers.

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