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By: Stainless Piping Utilities  11-11-2011
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What? Reduce installation time by 45% . And increase income. On your first installation? Just by using one product?  

The plumbing industry has become inundated with plumbing systems.   Which one is best? Which suits your application? How much specialized equipment is needed for assembly and installation?   Is site installation easier or complicated, especially when there is a bit of congestion.  

Well, look at this system. The first time they used it they completed the job ahead of time. Beat their deadlines.

Fabio Conte, Modern Plumbing Works. "Our installation time, as compared to an equvalent plumbing system has been cut by at least 50%. ..Would certainly recommend this for any future plumbing contract we have."  

It is so easy to install. Teach the plumber with one connection how to do the procedure. The rest of the job will go like a hot knife through butter.  

Alfred Johnson. CRC Engineering. "Installation and connection of pipe and fittings has been the fastest and most convenient of methods we have used in the past"

Jan Bronkhorst. Bronco Electrical "Training took a minimum of time to make our staff completely at ease with the use of the equipment  and installation of the piping and fittings.

The process.  

Measure. Cut. Deburr. Assemble. Mark and loosely clamp in place. Now check alignment and that pipe and fitting is fully slotted together. Then crimp.  

Working this way you will have a 100% leak free system. First time Guaranteed.  

What system is this?  

The Stainless Steel Inoxpress Pressfit Plumbing System .    

Three separate plumbing contractors have all recently acknowledged at least a 50% reduction in installation time.

And ease of installation would make it their preferred choice for the next contract.   The installation looks soooo neat and professional when finished, you don`t want to cover it up.  

It looks so good because it is so good!!!!           

  But finishing ahead of schedule with reduced staff.

That`s profit. Or the securing of the next contract.  

There are no awkward, embarrassing, costly, time consuming repairs.  

This can be used in any major plumbing contract.   Proved itself to be most beneficial in hot water systems operating at  continuous high temperatures. Has high oxidation stability. No excessive supports needed. 16 bar rated.  

Tubing and fittings are thin walled. So no pressure or flow losses due to reduced internal diameters downsizing effective diameter.  

So what more can you ask for???   It`s cost effective. Has excellent extended life cycle costs. Has all the benefits of stainless steel. Aesthetic. Mechanically strong. Not easily damaged. Not prone to theft.  

And what really counts, a 5 year guarantee against faulty materials and leaks, including damage repair, providing the appropriate installation procedures are followed.  

So what are you waiting for?  

What to do?  

Send us your requirements of what you intend to do together with a material take off, or b.o.m.

So hurry, this can amount to a lot of money in your back pocket.  

Contact Arius Wantenaar on 011 394 1403 or Fax 0866 520 193 for further information.

You won`t regret it.  

See our Website for latest videos and ease of installation.

Stainless Steel INOXPRES Pressfit  Plumbing for a very professional looking, trouble free, fast, easy installation.   Can be installed by semi skilled labour in a fraction of the time of normal installations.     Thwarts theft of material such as copper tube.

  We Provide Confidence and Satisfaction with Every Installation


011 394 1403 Fax 0866 520 193

PS Remember, a 50% reduction in installation times means more profit for you. Or the difference in securing the next contract . Or loosing it .  

PPS.   Send us your firm enquiry now and laugh all the way to the bank.          

Keywords: Plumbing, Stainless Steel

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