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By: Masterbatch  11-11-2011
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Masterbatch SA provides the plastics industry with a full spectrum of convenient and effective masterbatches and pigments. We keep a vast electronic library of colours from which our customers can choose or through our use of advanced colour matching software we can carry out a colour match to a sample provided. We also keep a directory of our standard colours to facilitate selections of more commonly used colours.

The manufacture of masterbatch is a two stage process. Firstly, the ingredients are combined in either high or low speed mixers to ensure even distribution of material. Secondly, this pre-mix is compounded on either a single or twin screw extruder and pelletised into the finished product.Our masterbatch is offered as either polymer specific or universal. Polymer specific masterbatch has the same base polymer as that used by our customer. These include the most common thermoplastics, amongst others:

Universal masterbatch consists of a carrier system which contains the high quantities of additives necessary to deliver the end use properties required, as well as being compatible with a broad range of polymers. We advise our customers on the most suitable masterbatch for their intended application.

Masterbatch SA offers convertors an easy, reliable and cost efficient way of adding colour and/or performance enhancers to better market their product. Our laboratory can also custom engineer masterbatches for use in products such as toys and food packaging which have to be produced from “controlled” ingredients.We offer a full range of performance enhancing additives such as:

As well as masterbatch, we also supply dry blends or pigments. Pigments, which are in powdered form, go through the same processes of colour matching and mixing but are not put through our extruders. While pigments are preferred by some convertors, masterbatch offers a cleaner and more efficient way to add colour or performance to an end product.

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Keywords: Polymer