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By: Fug-It Heavy Duty Puncture Sealant Manufacturers  03-29-2011
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Q: What is Fug-It?

 A: 1) it’s a liquid that is installed into tyres, that fms a protective layer of sealant on the inside of the tyre tread. This protects the tyre from punctures, and repairs the puncture instantaneous

A: 2) while in driving it also seals the pous little holes of the tyre and by doing that the tyre maintains its air pressure 10 times longer

·        The advantages of that are that the tyre runs at the manufactures crect specs. With the tyre operating on crect air pressure and right profile f 10 times longer

·        That leads to less uneven wear on the tyre profile. Will lead to tyre life being extended up to 15% on long distance vehicles.

·         And will improve the fuel consumption up to 5% better fuel consumption, due to less friction between the tyre and road surface due to the crect profile of the tyre.

·        The sealant also reduces the chances of a blow out due to the fact of the sealant acting as a heat dissipater and it cools the hot spots of a tyre and the temperature of the tyre is even all round

·         Tyres nmally blows out at the hot spots which it the weaker point of the tyre

·        The chances of tyre run flats are also reduced because of the crect profile of the tyre, runs f longer periods. Run flats nmally leads the tread of the tyre being ripped off and the loss of a tyre casing that can be used to retread

Q: What tyres can you use fugit on?

A: All Pneumatic Tyres

If you are a fleet owner consider the following????

·         Dissipates heat on tyre hotspots evenly throughout the tyre. Less Blowouts

·         Cooler running tyres mean less uneven wear.

·         Less drag on the road surface improves fuel consumption Up to 5%

·         Less downtime - if you are in an inopptune place/situation the tyre sealant will solve your puncture problem instantaneously.

·         Draws heat away from the weakest point of the tyre decreasing potential tyre blowouts.

·         Decreases tyre maintenance. Increase profits

·         Maintains tyre Pressure 10 times longer in trucks. Runs at the crect profile longer, less chance of Run Flats and losing the casing f retreading

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