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By: Ezi Lifts  11-11-2011
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Inclined Lifts

These versatile accessibility products fit into existing stairways. As a result they require very little space and have minimal impact on the building structure and appearance. They can carry a passenger in a wheelchair or ambulatory passengers who use a folding seat. Incline platform lifts are suitable for both public buildings and private residences, indoors or outdoors. There are two models to choose from, one for straight stairways and one for curved stairways.

Vertical Lifts

Like small elevators but much less expensive, vertical platform lifts transport passengers vertically between floor levels. They can be located either indoors or outdoors. Vertical lifts can be provided as a completed, self-contained system with their own enclosure, or can fit inside a shaft way in a building. Ezi Lifts vertical platform lifts typically travel up to 4.3 m. Some models are design specifically for short travel distances. Ezi Lifts vertical wheelchair lifts are available in a variety of finishes, colours and wall panel materials. Taller lifts can serve up to 4 floor levels.

We have two ranges of products available.

We also offer a locally produced product that is of an exceptional quality and standard. This can be designed according to your needs as well as your customized finishes.

Chair Lifts

When climbing stairways becomes difficult but a wheelchair lift is not required, a Ezi Lift stairway chairlift may be the ideal solution. These compact stair lifts are available for straight stairways and curving stairways.

Industrial Platform Lifts

We manufacture and supply industrial platform lifts from ½ ton to 4 tons. All lifts are manufactured locally from robust materials. Each lift can be manufactured to the clients specifications.

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