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As mentioned above, Cye Clean Cleaning Services will bring good service delivery to our clients and provide good customer service to everyone. We provide our services eight hours a day, Monday to Friday and on Saturday if requested by the clients. We use a wide range of cleaning chemicals and vacuum machines.

 cleaning (hygiene) and maintenance.

We looking forward to be the supplier of cleaning services, chemicals and to maintain every part of cleaning  to the schools, Hotels,houses, companies and to maintain all with hygiene equipments.

We want to see all the schools, Hotels houses and companies to be in healthy environment .

Our service can be on Monthly base or on weekly base, on contract or once off; up to so far our services are rated at high level.

This company is welling to strive to clean environment and our expectations is to be affordable cleaning company to our clients at all, our price are reasonable and negotiable.

We aiming to be more affordable, respectful to our clients, profitable and to be the company that everyone can be interested in our service, not only money but people’s life’s and looking forward to grow the company abroad.  Staff is highly trained how to treat clients with smile, with good welcoming and with good customer service and with the nice uniform that they are wearing.

The equipments that we use are as follow:

·      Washroom Dispensers (Ocean dispensers)

Smart paper towel dispenser

Savvy lever paper towel dispenser

Simplicity paper towel dispenser etc.

·       Stainless Steel

a)      Solar stainless steel Micro burst Air fresheners

b)      Solar stainless steel foam soap dispenser

c)       Solar brushed chrome Microburst Air freshe-ners etc.

·       General Dispensers

a)      Ocean barrel towel

b)      Ocean Mineral Pot water coolers

c)       Ocean Eco folded paper towel dispenser etc.


·         Hygiene Consumables

a)      Hand towels

b)      Toilet tissue                                                                                                                                                       

c)       Femme consumables

d)      Air fragrance consumables

e)      Urinal hygiene consumables

f)       Seat hygiene consumables

g)      Hand hygiene consumables etc.

1.       Cleaning Machines

A.      Ocean Push sweeper

B.      Single Disc patary floor polisher/ scrubber complete

C.      Accessories(scrubbing brush, shampoo brush nylon)

D.      Ocean dry vacuum cleaners (industrial)

E.       Ocean wet and dry vacuum cleaners

F.       Ocean back pack vacuum cleaners etc.

2.       Ocean Janitorial

A.      Floor pads

B.      Floor Squeeze

C.      Colour  coded cloths

D.      Applicators (plastic lamb’s wool applicators)

E.       Floor signs (Caution wet floor sign)

F.       Mop sweepers

G.     Brush ware

H.      Janitorial trolley etc.

3.       Ocean Cleaning Chemicals

A.      Antibacterial soaps

B.      Auto Scrub

C.      Bleach                                      

D.      Dish

E.       Shampoo

F.       Multiserve

G.     Qac washroom cleaner

4.       We do carpet cleaning                                                                                                                                              

A. Window cleaning

               B.  Leather and Suede Furniture

                 C.  Home and Office cleaning services

                 D.  Floor surface Cleaning   etc.                                                                                

5.       We do maintenance

Air freshener’s installation in toilets, bath rooms, bedrooms and office.




Our vision is to have a great business, create job opportunities and to help in creating an excellent world.

To make South Africa’s environment look smart and healthy, to schools, private companies and to the individuals who need our services.

Everyone have the right to live healthy life in clean environment.

When we do the investigations we find that many people are living in dirty environment, the smell of the environment is not healthy; it can be in the house (dining, bath room, Kitchen and bedroom).

Office desk are so dirty, the smell in toilets is not healthy were they need air fresheners and furniture polish to make them to shine.


Our mission is to grow rapidly as a business and to lead in the field of cleaning services.

To become an excellent service provider to each and every single one of our clients.

Keywords: Carpet and Floor Cleaning, Commercial Cleaning, Industrial Cleaning Services, Upholstery Cleaning, Window Cleaning

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