Training Courses

By: Construction consultant  01-17-2011
Keywords: Civil Construction, programming, Training Courses

As a direct result of the scarcity of skilled resources in a booming construction industry, we believe that TRAINING and the SHARING OF INFORMATION is one of the most important answers to this challenge.

Our training courses /seminars can be adapted to a specific audience, relative to a specific topic and outcome in the civil engineering industry. WE CAN CUSTOMISE FOR YOU.
Introduction to Engineering: . Brief history of Engineering and Road building . Various types of Engineering and Disciplines in Civil Engineering  Road Building Fundamentals: Role players in Civil Projects in Southern Africa . Preconditions for Road Building . Assessments and Valuation . Design Criteria . Tender Phase & Documentation   Construction Regulations: . Notification of Construction work . Appointment Letters . General Administration . Required Permits . Checklist (Daily, Weekly, Monthly etc)   Planning & Contract Management: . Award of a Tender . Establishment and P & G . Planning . Programming . Local Labour employment . Duties of CE, PSC, CLO and other participating Parties   Health, Safety and Security on Site: . OH & S Policies and Procedures . Communications in the work place . Traffic management . Security of people and equipment . Accident and Incident reporting procedures . Materials handling and storage . Disposal of Toxic / Non-Toxic materials . Environmental Impact   Technical Aspects of Road Building: . Terminology and Standard Units . Types of Materials . Basic Material Mechanics . Quality Assurance and testing . Modern Technology   Pothole Repairs: . Causes of potholes . Layer works . Materials used . Safety aspects and Traffic control . Repair procedures . Equipment used   Survey in Construction: . Basic leveling skills . Basic surveying methods . Quantity surveying - Formulas and methods . Soils surveying . Equipment used in Surveying . Practical explanation of a Dumpy level   The Construction Process - Execution Stages: . Reading from Plans and Drawings . Visual assessment . Clearing and grubbing . Earthworks . Layer works . Services . Confined Areas . Water handling . Subsoil drains   Surfacing of Roads: . Types of Surfaces . Wearing Course . Surface Defects . Rehabilitation vs. Reconstruction . Pothole repairs . Crack sealing   Operation of Plant and Equipment: . Small Plant and tools . Earthmoving Equipment . Operators & Drivers . Safety specifications   Road Furnishing and Ancillary Works: . Road signs: Types, Specifications and Installation . Kerbing and paving for sidewalks . Minor concrete structures . Drainage . Erosion Protection - Stone Pitching - Gabions and Reno mattresses - Effect of weather on roads - Soil preservation   Finances and Economics: . Site Costing . Productivity and Profit . Pricing of tenders and quotations

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