By: Commstalk  11-11-2011

Data and Voice Racks plus Reticulation

The EnviroRac solution offer a cost-effective, scalable and on-demand infrastructure that accelerates deployment, and allow you to invest in a movable Data Centre infrastructure that is sufficient to meet today and tomorrow's demands.

It optimises your capital outlay whilst letting you build out capacity when and where it is required. Furthermore, it provides higher utilization with a greatly reduced capital cost that leads to an increased return on investment (ROI), with less risk and costs that are associated with traditional Data Centre infrastructures.

The EnviroRac provides a scaleable approach to rapidly deploy high availability Data Centre infrastructures anywhere - utilizing standardized pre-assembled components. This innovative solution revolutionizes Server/Data Centre construction, without surrendering any of the required and prescribed measures of a Data Centre environment.

IT professionals and facilities managers face the no-win situation of trying to right size future capacity of their Data Centre environment(s), taking into consideration the ongoing changes in form factor of the servers and the equipment. Should they over-estimate, they overbuild, ending up with poor space utilization, coupled with high overhead and out-of-control costs. If they underestimate, they are confronted with user complaints, system downtime and an adverse impact on revenues and real estate.

The dilemmas facing IT professionals:

  • Best rate of return on capital investment
  • Optimise and save space
  • Adapt to changing requirements
  • Accelerate implementation deployment
  • Lower the cost of service contracts
  • Plan for scalable/ flexible solutions
  • Reduce mean-time-to-recovery (MTTR)
  • Minimize human error
  • Minimize points of failure between the UPS and the critical load
  • Be proactive with changing environmental conditions (temperature, fire prevention, access control, security, power management, etc.)
  • Increase utilization
  • Reduce load on IT resources

Responding to these challenges, and after evaluating traditional designs against the top challenges of IT managers, we have proactively engineered the EnviroRac to provide utmost flexibility through both an innovative method of design, deployment and customisability.

EnviroRac re-defines Data/Server room functionality with respect to construction, space planning, capital outlay and return on investment, while offering a unique and innovative approach.



  • Useable Rack space: 38U X 1, 38U X 2, 38U X 3 or 38U X 4
  • Height: 1900mm rack enclosure + 300mm air-conditioner enclosure (excludes feet)
  • Width: 900mm per enclosure (600mm rack; 150mm X 2 slack rack); Depth: 1000mm per enclosure
  • Frame Construction: 1.6mm, 1.2mm steel; extruded aluminium
  • Colour Powder Coated RAL 7037 (Dusty Grey) – frame, top and bottom covers; RAL 7035 (Light Grey) – door, side and rear panels; or RAL 9005 (Black)
  • Removable side panels with locks (standard)
  • 150mm static slack racks as standard
  • 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 zone fire control panel complete with smoke detectors, charger and batteries, lock off gas unit, evacuation siren, alarm bells
  • Access control, including Digi Pad, power supply, charger and battery unit, door closer and electro magnetic locks.
  • Tele-dialler and camera surveillance system activated by the following alarms: fire, high temperature, and mains failure
  • 1 or 2 or 3 X 13000 Btu nominal cooling split air conditioning unit, with a drainage point
ModRac Specification V3 applicable

We are able to provide data and telecommunication cabling service covering a wide range including CAT 3/5/6 etc..

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Licensing is achieved by the use of a physical feature key dongle, which plugs into the License Service PC's parallel port, USB port or to the serial port of the Small Office Edition, IP406 V2 and IP412 control units. Remote Access ServerAccess to local LAN servers via optional two-channel V90 modem or digital trunks: individual firewall security, access control per user, and standards-based security enable remote workers.