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1. Introduction

The Avaya IP Office Family is the latest advancement in converged voice and data technology from Avaya. IP Office combines high-end voice and data applications normally reserved for large enterprises with easy to use tools that allow the smallest of businesses to deliver cutting edge customer service.

The Avaya IP Office family is designed to solve the complex communications challenges of the Home Office, Small Office and Medium Enterprise with simple yet powerful communications tools.

Voice Communication Solution

IP Office offers full voice functionality with a comprehensive list of features and benefits for the small or mid-size business, including:

  • Full PBX features
    Caller ID, Call Forwarding, Conference Calling, Voice Messaging and more.

  • Trunk Interfaces
    A variety of network trunk interfaces, including E1, T1, PRI, ISDN, analog loop start and analog ground start for comprehensive network connectivity. Not all trunk types are available in all territories, please check for local availability.

  • Extensions
    Support for a range of extensions, from 2 to 360 that provide sophisticated voice performance for new and growing businesses.

  • Telephones
    A variety of telephones including analog, digital and IP hard and soft phones (wired and wireless) that provide the appropriate desktop or device phone for every need.

  • Advanced Call Routing 
    Incoming calls are directed to the best available person or messaging service, according to the company's unique criteria.

  • Alternate Call Routing
    Ensures reliable handling of calls by selecting from analog, digital or VoIP trunks.

  • QSIG Networking
    Standards-based multi-site networking to interoperate with other PABXs.

Converged Voice Communications Solution

For converged communications, the IP Office acts as an IP telephony server:

  • Integrated H.323 Gatekeeper and Gateway.

  • Quality of Service (QoS) support through DiffServ for routing.

  • 64ms Echo cancellation.

Data Communication Solution

For offices with basic data networking needs, IP Office can provide a complete data communications and networking solution:

  • Internet Access
    Firewall protected, leased line or dial-up connectivity via PRI, T1 or WAN port: high-speed dialed access, direct leased line connections for high usage and Web site hosting, integral security, and efficient access to information and a larger business presence via the Web.

  • Routing
    Integral Static or Dynamic (RIP I/II) routing for both Internet and Branch-to-Branch solutions.

  • Security
    NAT (Network Address Translation) and built in firewall to protect your internal network. IPSec support allows secure data transmission across public IP Networks using 3DES encryption.

  • DHCP
    Automatic IP address allocation for local and remotely attached PCs.

  • Remote Access Server
    Access to local LAN servers via optional two-channel V90 modem or digital trunks: individual firewall security, access control per user, and standards-based security enable remote workers.

  • LAN Hub/Switching
    The Avaya IP Office – Small Office Edition has a 4 port Ethernet switch (Layer 2) plus a fifth Ethernet WAN port (Layer 3). The IP406 V2 offers an 8 port Ethernet switch (Layer 2). The IP412 offers 2 switched Ethernet ports (Layer 3).

  • LDAP client support
    For standards based directory synchronization for Phone Manager.

Applications Platform

IP Office provides big business benefits and enhanced productivity for small and mid-size businesses with a full compliment of sophisticated applications, including:

  • Incoming callers never reach an empty office. With Call Forwarding, Dial-by-Directory, the ability to retrieve phone messages via the Phone Manager Pro PC Softphone, and more.

  • Auto-Attendant
    Simplify service for customers with this easy-to-use graphical interface; the ability to construct customized automated services means callers can efficiently navigate the system, and reach the right person, without the assistance of an operator. Available with Voicemail Pro, Avaya IP Office – Small Office Edition PCMCIA voice mail and Avaya IP406 V2 Compact Flash voice mail.

  • Integrated Messaging
    Voice messages can be automatically forwarded to an SMTP email server or MAPI compliant email client and with Integrated Messaging Pro also synchronized with a Microsoft Exchange email server.

  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and Text to Speech 
    Create automated customized systems allowing callers to interact with business information, for example, Account enquiry systems, Automated ordering systems, Ticket purchasing systems, PIN number checking, Remote time sheet management, etc. Enhance theses systems by using Text To Speech to read information back to callers

  • SoftConsole
    Graphical User Interface (GUI) for attendants via a PC-based console for call handling and physical phone for the speech path; an easy way to learn and use sophisticated tools in a comfortable environment.

  • Phone Manager
    A powerful desktop application for the IP Office, available in Lite, Professional, and IP Softphone versions to allow you to control and manage phone calls from your Windows desktop.

  • Open CTI interfaces
    TAPI-compliant out of the box. IP Office integrates easily with popular contact management applications such as Outlook, ACT!, GoldMine and Maximizer. Sophisticated custom applications can be rapidly developed and deployed with our full software development kit.

  • Compact Business Center
    Report on overall system performance and basic call center functionality for up to three workgroups with quality of service reports, selected group reports, simple plug-and-play installation, and more.

  • Compact Contact Center 
    The formal Multi-Media Contact Center option, with a full customer management toolset including real time agent, system, group management, standard and custom reporting, real time tracking and analysis, options for agent connection, and remote agent support, wallboards for installations of up to 75 agents.

  • Queue Manager and Campaign Manager 
    Powerful voice and IVR applications for the Contact Center that facilitate agent and traffic management for better productivity and customer service.

Management Tools

The IP Office Manager is a Windows PC software application that connects to the IP Office system using TCP/IP. It can be on the same LAN as the IP Office, remote on the WAN, or connected via the Remote Access Server with either a Telephone Adaptor, Router or the optional Internal Modem Card.

A suite of IP Office Wizards can also be used to configure systems and to manage user adds, moves and changes. 

These wizards make setting up and using the IP Office very easy – Business Partners can use them or allow clients to access them for basic moves, adds and changes.

Scalable Platform

The "all-in-one" IP Office Family — servers, media modules and cards for connectivity and preloaded applications — give small and mid-size enterprises the options they want to meet today's communications needs and plans for the future.

  • Avaya IP Office - Small Office Edition
    The IP Office - Small Office Edition is a compact platform specifically designed to meet the needs of very small businesses and home offices. In a single unit, it can provide a PABX with Auto Attendant and Voicemail, Broadband Access, Wireless Access Point (WiFi) and VPN tunneling. Voice Compression is included as standard to support IP Extensions or provide IP Trunks back to a head office. The IP Office - Small Office Edition is available in the following configurations:-4 Analog trunks, 4 analog extensions, 8 digital stations and 3 VoIP resources4 Analog trunks, 4 analog extensions, 8 digital stations and 16 VoIP resources

  • Avaya IP Office IP406 V2
    Supports 6 Expansion Modules providing a combination of up to 190 analog and digital extensions, with capacity for 8 analog trunks or 2 digital trunks (up to 72 T1 channels or 90 E1 channels). 8 Digital Station ports (DS), 2 analog phone ports, a compact flash memory card socket for optional embedded voicemail. 
    Additional analog trunks can be added using IP400 Analog 16 modules. Features include up to 30 optional voice compression channels, 8 Ethernet port switch (Layer 2), a 9-pin serial port and the trunk interfaces can include a dual-PRI trunk card in slot A and 24 data channels. Data channels are used for Routing, RAS and Voicemail applications. An Internal Modem Card can be added to answer up to 12 V.90 analog modem calls.

  • Avaya IP Office IP412 
    Supports 12 Expansion Modules providing a combination of up to 360 analog and digital extensions, with capacity for 8 analog trunks or 4 digital trunks (up to 96 T1 channels or 120 E1 channels). Additional analog trunks can be added using IP400 Analog 16 modules. Features include 60 optional voice compression channels, 2 independently Switched LAN ports, and 100 data channels. Data channels are used for Routing, RAS and Voicemail applications. An Internal Modem Card can be added to answer up to 12 V.90 analog modem calls.

Telephone Options

IP Office supports multiple telephone solutions, giving the small and mid-size business maximum flexibility to choose according to their current and future needs:

Application Licensing

All chargeable applications are enabled by the use of a license key. For these applications to work, a license service either inside the IP Office control unit or optionally on a PC (running Microsoft Windows 2000, XP Professional or 2003) must be used. When using a PC as the license service, the PC must be on the same LAN segment as the IP Office control unit and should be permanently switched on.

Licensing is achieved by the use of a physical feature key dongle, which plugs into the License Service PC's parallel port, USB port or to the serial port of the Small Office Edition, IP406 V2 and IP412 control units. This feature key contains a serial number which is used to validate licenses. The Feature Key serial number must be provided with any order for charged applications.

All license keys are stored on the IP Office switch. This means that if the hardware fails - a rare event - full functionality can quickly be restored by installing a replacement system unit and restoring the previous configuration, and feature key, significantly increasing the resilience of the system. In cases where the Feature Key fails or is changed for one of a different type, a replacement set of license keys is required to match the serial number of the new key.

The license keys are periodically validated against the License Service. If the PC is not running, or the Feature Key (dongle) is unplugged (or otherwise unavailable), then the licenses will be invalidated (and therefore the applications will not work, or will provide 'Lite' functionality) until the system can re-validate them. A short grace period is provided, to ensure that transient network problems do not affect the level of service provided by the system. As soon as the connection between the IP Office system unit and the License Service is restored, the licenses become valid again.

Keywords: Trunks

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