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By: Zuzimpilo  11-11-2011

Name: Disebo

Age: 39 years

This ZuziMpilo Medical Centre patient thought she would die within three days of her AIDS diagnosis which she discovered after the birth of her son. Rather than tell her family the truth, she told her mom she had Cancer, but when she finally admitted to having AIDS, she was almost forced to leave home. Thankfully she began on ARVs. She says: “Seven year later I am still doing well on treatment and living a healthy life thanks to the drugs. Antiretroviral medication really works!”

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At ZuziMpilo clinic you will be counselled before and after a rapid HIV test where blood is taken from your finger. We will also ask you about symptoms of TB and if you have symptoms of TB then we wil do a laboratory test for TB. It is recommended that you and your partner test at least once a year for HIV. If you test positive for HIV, a CD4 test will be done immediately.