Correspondence Course - "Introduction to Investing and Trading"

By:  04-29-2011
Keywords: Education, trading, Money

 We offer courses via correspondence for people who would like to learn about the Stock Market, Forex Market, Commodity Market and other financial markets, how to invest, how to trade, and more about derivative intruments such as CFDs, Futures, Forex trading, Spread Trading etc...

The "Introduction to Investing and Trading" correspondence course also includes a Mentor who has experience trading and investing to "hold your hand" along the way to enable you to ultimately invest or trade for yourself. The course has been written by an experienced Stockbroker who has invested and traded himself and not by an academic who has never been "in the trenches" themselves, therefore practical advice is given based on real world experience

The course costs only R 1,200, is done via regular emails and covers the following 6 topics:

1.    Module 1. Introduction and your personal goals for investing and / or trading. This module will also cover the difference between Investing and Trading, as well as the role of International Asset / Fund Managers

2.    Module 2. Commodity Markets, The Bond Market, The Stock Market, The Forex Market, and Derivative Markets.

3.    Module 3. Shares, Derivatives, CFDs, Spread Trading, Futures and the providers of these instruments to retail traders

4.    Module 4. Money Management, Gearing, and Personal Emotional / Psychological Management relating to Investing or Trading

5.    Module 5. Deciding what to buy, when to buy and when to sell. This section will provide an introduction to Fundamental Analysis, Technical Analysis, and Market Sentiment

6.    Module 6. Mechanics of actual trading and investing, a strategy for you going forward and conclusion

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