Choosing The Right Design Consultants

By: WRAPPA  08-10-2011
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We are all blessed with inherent skills and perhaps design is not one of your fortes; for this reason hiring a team of design consultants for your project is a wise choice. You need more than just a graphic designer to tackle your ideas and bring them to life, a team of brand strategists who specialise in design consultancy will be able to understand the language of your brand and thus bring your project to fruition using their expertise.

There are some things to consider when taking on the services of a group of design consultants. Do your research and find the team that works best with you and can ensure that the design of your brand really does matter. . Take the following points into consideration:.
Design Consultants’ Portfolio
Requesting a portfolio of previous work is one of the most obvious starting points for anyone looking to hire a design consultancy. If you are not entirely convinced of their abilities then it is probably better to look further afield. Search for design consultants who are competent and have a far-reaching portfolio of different clients. Their design style should resonate with you in a way that makes you want to hire them for your project.
A list of testimonials from reputable companies goes a long way to assuring you of a team’s presence and stability, not to mention their reliability. Search brand strategists’ websites for positive testimonials that can be backed up by impressive work. Companies that are proud of their standings will be more than happy to provide you with testimonials from their clients should none be available on the web.
Choose a team of design consultants who have had experience working on big projects and who have the right skill set for what you require. It is pointless hiring a team of web developers for a project that encompasses print design. Your design consultancy should be honest about what they are capable of and should be able to prove their worth.
Work Ethic
The team of brand strategists and design consultants that you choose to work with should not be afraid of working under a little bit of pressure. They should also not quote you a phenomenal amount of time for something that other consultants can do in half the time. Having a benchmark to measure this against will be helpful.
Attention To Detail
Does your chosen team of design consultants take functionality into consideration? Do they consider the project in a holistic manner, from start to middle to finish? Do you feel confident that your chosen team is as enthusiastic about your project as you are and they are going to give it 100% of their effort and attention? If not, you might want to reconsider your choice.
Within Budget
Although you want to hire the most reputable design consultancy for the job, this might not be applicable to your budget. Do the research and get the necessary quotations you need to substantiate who can do what and for how much.
Cheaper Is Not Always Better
Don’t be fooled by the ridiculously cheap offer that seems too good to be true. You could well be setting yourself up for failure or disappointment. At the end of the day, you do get what you pay for and if you are trying to cut costs by going with the team that have given you a 50% discount, then prepare yourself for a 50% discount in quality.
Further Confirmation - Achieving ROI

A survey was conducted at the Design Innovation Unit in Open University/UMIST in the UK in 1990. This survey covered the benefits and costs of investment in design and was conducted over 221 design projects, revealing the following output:
• 90% of the projects implemented made a profit
• Of this 90%, the average investment payback period was 12 months
• 48% recovered all costs within a year of launching
• Where comparisons were possible, the average sales were 41% more than prior to the project taking off

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Keywords: Brand Consultancy, Brand Management, Graphic Design, Project Management, Strategy and Research

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