Brand Engagement Defined

By: WRAPPA  09-15-2011
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Brand engagement is effectively the manner in which a company connects with consumers via their brand. It involves instilling a particular emotive response in the consumer; something that bonds the consumer to the brand and then propels the business or company forward. It sounds a little complex, but essentially it is just using brand management tactics to ensure a consumer come into contact with a desired experience.

Brand management and brand development are not complete without brand engagement as it is the engagement with the consumer that ultimately moves the brand. You want the consumer to interact with the brand and to start conversations about it. With the level that social media is at currently, it forms the perfect platform for this engagement to take place. Following a company on Facebook and engaging with them on Twitter is already part of the brand engagement process completed.

Where Does Brand Engagement Begin?

Brand engagement starts in the workplace; having employees that believe in your brand is where the success of your company begins. Without staff members that are invested in your brand, you might as well be trying to sell punctured car tyres to people who can’t drive. The exercise is pointless if you’re not backing what you’re selling 100%.

Engaging your employees could be as simple as involving them in company decisions, perhaps in allowing them to have their say as to what colour the office walls could be painted? Hosting days where employees become fully immersed in the brand, what it stands for and what the values and aspirations of the brand are is a great way to get buy in. Finding inventive ways in which to keep your employees motivated is a key element in the success behind brand engagement.

Extending Brand Development To Your Consumers

Ultimately, brand engagement is there to make the customer feel better about him or herself through their interaction with your brand. It seems selfless, but you also want it to be for the benefit of your brand. How to do this? You could invest in the services of an established brand consultancy that has extensive working experience in promoting and developing brands. A professional team will know how best to ignite the dialogue between the brand and consumer that will elevate your brand, empower the consumer and inform the community.

In this day and age, brand engagement is best (or easiest) carried out through digital platforms. Making use of the likes of Facebook, Twitter and Youtube, companies are finding it increasingly easier to reach out to their consumers to get them involved in their personal brand development. Immediate brand interaction has become possible with a simple like button on Facebook, a +1 button on Google or a retweet on Twitter.

Companies host competitions on Facebook that encourage consumers to comment, share and become involved. These users are contributing to the brand development of that company through their own personal engagement with the company. The user or consumer should be gaining something from the experience as should the company, making it a symbiotic relationship in brand marketing.

Brand Engagement Strategies

Find a reputable team of brand management professionals who offer brand engagement strategies to make the most of the interactions you have with your consumers.

Taking that step forward towards brand development with your consumers in tow can only maximise the results received; for you and your customers.

Contact WRAPPA Brand Consultancy today to bring your brand to life!

Keywords: Brand Consultancy, Brand Management, Strategy and Research

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