Wellos Laundry Ball

Wellos Laundry Ball from Wellos

By: Wellos  10-04-2011
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Wellos laundry ball You don’t need detergents and softeners to get your washing done! Wellos Laundry Ball, cleans and removes dirt from your washing without the need of washing powders and softeners. The Wellos laundry ball consist of 4 types of specialized ceramic beads and a set of magnets generating 3000 Gauss magnetic field, these will create physical conditions in the laundry ball that substantially lower the surface tension of the water enabling it to penetrate the fabric and physically remove the dirt, some of the beads are designed to kill germs and some other specialized beads will adsorb chlorine from the water. The Wellos laundry ball meets all international standards and is used in the USA, Euro-countries, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong and Singapore. Wellos laundry ball is made from 100% natural components Silent wash. The laundry ball is made from durable material that never breaks. Ceramic and magnetic technology used in the laundry ball keeps consistent wash quality for up to a 1000 washes or 3 years. Advantages of laundry ball laundry ball Heal your skin from chemical detergents. Save lots of money in detergents and softeners (approx. R5000.00 over 3 years.) Superior removal of odours and bacteria. Keep your environment clean and healthy. The Wellos laundry ball kills germs, neutralizes chlorine and is a superior remover of bad odours more than any other washing method. It keeps clothes soft, retains their colour and extends clothes lifespan. while using the laundry ball, the water coming out of the washing machine is classified as grey water without any harmful substances and can be used for other domestic water needs such as watering the garden, saving you money on water bills and municipal rates.

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