Developing Dynamic Team Leaders and Supervisors

By: Vuthlari Marketing  02-16-2010
Keywords: Personal Development, Leadership Training, workshops

Developing Dynamic Team Leaders and Supervisor

Date:25th -26th March 2010
Venue: Hotel Apollo, Randburg Johannesburg-RSA  

The Benefits of attending this course:

A summary of surveys done in South Africa shows that Team Leadership and Supervision are the key development issues. The reasons given are diverse and range from ·        
The increase in global competition ·        
The forming of strategic alliances; ·        
The acceleration of technological change ·        
Shortened product life cycles; ·        
Constantly changing demography ·        
Increasing diversity of the workforce; ·        
A rising demand for service quality and ·        
Performance management.

Organizations are responding to these dynamics by becoming more market focused, with increased cross-functional teamwork and the acceleration of new product development …… and effective leadership is seen as a the catalyst for driving change. In South Africa our society, institutions and organizations alike, are trying to cope with the most important changes in the history of our country. Many leaders from all walks of life are driving the change. Many more leaders are needed to make it happen – and to deal with the new, and often unexpected, situations created by the process of change. We need leaders who can effectively influence the behavior of others, as individuals and in groups – their beliefs, their values, their way of thinking and doing and their expectations.  By harnessing this potential, your team leaders can build and maintain teams who are motivated to perform at their peak and deliver exceptional results which impact on your bottom-line.  

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Keywords: In-House Training, Leadership Training, Personal Development, workshops