Advanced Skills for PA's, Secretaries and Office Managers

By: Vuthlari Marketing  06-21-2010
Keywords: Personal Development, Skills Development, Leadership Training

Report Writing
An effective report presents complex information in a simple, readable style. Its purpose is clear; it guides the reader through the issues and options towards clear conclusions and recommendations: This practical workshop will show you how to: • treat report writing as a process • reduce the amount of time you spend writing reports • make your reports easy to read and understand • write reports that get the desired outcome.
Time Management
The key to good time management is to understand how you are currently using – and wasting – your time. Take look at your previous week’s calendar: What did you spend your time and efforts on? Perhaps it shows that you tend to get stuck on small, administrative issues, while important tasks are neglected? Where did you lose precious hours as a result of distractions, or interruptions? At the conclusion of this workshop, participants will have answers regarding those questions 
Minutes Taking
At the conclusion of this workshop, participants will have clear knowledge regarding the following issues:
Minutes taking: keeping the writing correct.
consistent and good looking.        
Identify the objectives of meetings.        
Describe various types of meetings and the roles of the people who attend them.
Explain the meaning of core standard meetings terminology.
Ascertain ways to improve the conduct of a meeting.

Keywords: In-House Training, Leadership Training, Personal Development, Skills Development, workshops