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Mystery Shopping from True Roots Consulting

By: True Roots Consulting  03-12-2010
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  Mystery shopping is the practice of using educated, experienced shoppers to anonymously evaluate customer service, operations, merchandising, product quality and other elements of the consumer’s experience. Mystery shoppers receive instructions that outline the specific details to look for while conducting an evaluation.

Mystery shoppers are objective and provide a snapshot of the consumer experience, using facts rather than opinions when evaluating service. The shoppers follow a questionnaire with criteria developed by a mystery shopping provider and its customer.

In general, companies use mystery shopping to understand and improve the typical customer experience at each location and throughout the organization.

What types of information do businesses learn from a mystery shopping program?
Because True Roots Consulting works with the end-user to establish an outline of what shoppers should look for during an evaluation, businesses can learn about essentially any part of the customer’s experience. Mystery shopping reports often gauge employees’ product knowledge, cleanliness, up-selling practices, wait time and other fundamental aspects of the customer experience.

How can Mystery Shopping help your business?
Mystery shopping offers management the opportunity to objectively monitor the customer experience and pinpoint areas that need improvement. Many companies use mystery shopping results to improve employee training or reward employees for excellent scores, as well as compare evaluation scores on a per-shop or per-region basis to identify positive trends and share best practices.

In some cases, mystery shopping has been credited with increasing customer loyalty, enhancing customer service, and improving cross-selling and up-selling. Each of these has helped companies to increase sales or maintain market share in very competitive sales environments.

Ultimately, mystery shopping is an important step to create better trained employees who provide better service to customers. This enhanced service establishes greater bonds of loyalty between the customer and the company, paving the way for improved return sales.

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