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By: Transaction Control Technologies (SA) (Pty) Ltd   10-19-2009
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 “SmokeCloak” an Active Theft Prevention System from TCT

 1.     Background

Notwithstanding the fact that many business and home owners have secured armed response services and have fitted intrusion alarms, these interventions don't always deter desperate criminal elements.  Statistics show that criminals will often take inordinate risks to achieve their objectives. 

Importantly, a holistic approach should be adopted when developing a strategy to counter criminal intent.  Transaction Control Technologies (TCT) is very mindful of the risks that you face.  TCT provide a tactical solution to bolster security interventions such as armed response and alarm systems:

l        Introducing ... SmokeCloak - “if you can’t see it, you can’t steal it.”

Unlawful break-ins and violent intrusion is on the up - “SmokeCloak” isa significant weapon in our fight to counteract these unlawful threats.      

 2.     SmokeCloak Solution: an Active Theft Prevention System

The best way to STOP criminals is to adopt a holistic approach, which entails a solution based on the principle that “if you can’t see it, you can’t steal it.”

 2.1.              How SmokeCloak works

a)       As soon as an alarm signal is received, either through your existing alarm system, an independent verification system or a panic button, the “SmokeCloak” machine is activated. 

b)       It rapidlyfills the area under threat with a dense white vapor in less than 30 seconds, completely taking away visibility. 

c)       The smoke will hang around for up to 40 minutes, but is continuously monitored by a Cloak Sensor to ensure that should the density start to drop, the machine will be reactivated if the alarm has not been reset.

d)       The "smoke" is completely harmless and non-contaminating and no clean-up is required. SmokeCloak vapor (or fog) has been proven safe around people, computers, furniture, clothing, even in restaurants.

e)       People/employees can hide in the dense fog, allowing them to evade attackers and escape out the premises if necessary.

f)         Once the smoke dissipates, it is back to business in no time.

g)       SmokeCloak is simple, yet very effective.

 2.2.              Peace of Mind

a)       No counter-measure can be taken against it.  SmokeCloak is very successful in the South African environment, as it buys much-needed time between an alarm activation and the arrival of a response team.

b)       It's important not to minimise the importance of other deterrents, such as an alarm system and armed response. In fact SmokeCloak strengthens these measures allowing them to live up to their promise.

c)       SmokeCloak is the essential link in the chain of effective protection by bridging the gap between an alarm going off and an armed response team arriving

d)       How many times do we hear that a state-of-the-art alarm system with an armed response contract can secure a business? Statistical facts speak otherwise. Increasingly, reports are being received where, despite the alarm working and the armed response arriving within minutes, the goods were already gone.

e)       SmokeCloak will give you protection within seconds of the alarm being activated, your facility is secure.

f)         People also install SmokeCloak in their homes, for protection against attack. SmokeCloak will allow The Family to gather and wait in a “Safe Zone/Safe Room”. Key Areas such as a Family Room or Home Theatre with high value equipment can be very effectively protected.

g)       SmokeCloak offers More protection, more than you bargained for!

 3.     Easy Implementation

a)       The SmokeCloak system is Affordable,easy to install and works with any alarm system.

b)       SmokeCloak is an excellent investment in robust security, providing you with a solution to foil unauthorised entry to your premises.

c)       SmokeCloak is the most advanced product of its kind on the market.  It has an excellent track record; it works!

d)       The SmokeCloak System will more often than not result in insurance cost savings.

4. Client Base

TCT have an impressive client base and reference list including Leading Financial Institution, the Jewelry Industry, Government, Utilities, Retail and Domestic Markets.


5. Where to From Here?

Contact Daniel Adams for a demonstration, a quote or more information

: +27 84 660 0261



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