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By: Techcom Solutions  11-11-2011
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Web Design

Web designing has become one of the most popular services offered today by web designing companies. But, how many really deliver the real thing ? The truth is there's quite a number of web designing companies that really produce high quality website designs. Amongst these, Techcom Solutions is one such company. Our company has vast experience in both web designing and web development itself. We not only have skilled graphic designers who produce quality graphical designs, but we also possess highly skilled web developers who develop in PHP.

Web designing is the first step to attaining your website. Each and every web design is coupled with a web development side which results in a website. In order for you to be satisfied with your website it must possess both a professional and attractive design as well as set of robust functionality. These two must always go hand in hand in order for your site to be user friendly. Techcom solutions happens to have the right candidates to do both jobs - design and development. Because of this we always produce the best websites for our clients.

You must not always be tempted by a beautiful website design, without considering the functionality of the website as the lack of correct functionality can easily annoy your site's visitors and send them away forever.


Techcom Solutions has expert Information & Technology consultancy service. We have a lead IT Consultant who works with us and has several years experience in the Information & Technology industry. Our expert covers a wide range of the IT world. So if you are in need of advice, strategies or IT knowhow, you can contact us on the form provided and we assist you with our expert IT Consultancy. Computer courses, Software architecture, Network setup and many others are some of our consultancy areas. At Techcom we aim to satisfy your Information & Technology curiosity with our consultation service.

Tech com solutions boasts of well trained and experienced IT professionals for the provision of consultancy services in most IT related areas. These range from:

  • IT strategy formulation, implementation and evaluation
  • Information systems development and acquisitions
  • Information systems evaluation
  • E learning system designing, implementation and management
  • E learning material development
  • Software testing
  • Software Project management
  • Bussiness Communication

In offering these services, Techcom at times organizes workshops in collaboration with other reputable organizations and institutions. Techcom also helps other organizations by organizing workshops on their behalf.

Computer Training

Techcom Solutions specializes in IT Training at all levels as well as professional courses training in various areas. Our company offers e-learning platforms for companies and training institutions that do not have their own systems. Students from such instituions can log on and use the facility to get training material as well as interacting with tutors and other students in both Synchronous and Asynchronous mode. Techcom Solutions also developes e learning training material for Institutions and organizations.

Techcom Solutions is committed to providing world class training facilities to growing organizations in emerging markets. Its mission is to ensure quality and long term service provision by harmonizing student needs, skills and the changing technological environments within which our students operate.

Techcom Solutions tries to achieve this by offering demand driven ICT and professional training which is Industry focused. The training is targeting professionals in the area of IT, Marketing, Accounting, Secretarial, Managerial and also school leavers.

We also offer in-house training to organizations in line with their needs.

The training on offer ranges from:

  • Managing IT resources,
  • Introduction to Computers ( Operations and Packages),
  • Managing internet links using proxying and caching,
  • Linux Administration,
  • Data Base administration,
  • Software project Management,
  • Management Information Systems,
  • Downsizing and outsourcing,
  • Programming Languages:
  • Php programming
  • Java Programming
  • VB .net programming
  • Delphi Programming
  • C++/C-Sharp Programming
  • Programming

Skills Development

Enhancing one's computer skills is not a luxurybut a necessity. Techcom Solutions is very much aware of this modern fact and has therefore created a series of short private courses that it offers to some of its client's employees and to private individual students as well. We offer a wide range of such skills development from basic computer training to advanced programming courses to computer management courses such as Project Management, Management of Information Systems, etc.

Should you be interested in upgrading your knowedge or totally learning new I.T.Concepts from scratch feel free to complete the query form on the site, and tell us what you are interested in, and we'll come to terms with you. More of our training information is available on

Graphic Design

Graphic design is one of the services we offer. Techcom Solutions has a team of designers who only focus on producing quality designs for our clients' needs. We have designed websites for many of our satisfied customers, and for some of them done their whole corporate branding - this including the corporate's identity colors and general feel and look for their identity.

A website or logo should not only identify a company, but should also be a source of pride within the company to its employees and customers. Customers like to associate themselves with professionally identified businesses. As such it is your responsibility as a business owner or individual to make the efforts to beautify your website, logo or corporate identity.

This is one of the pivotal points were Techcom Solutions comes into play. We will help you yield that excellently looking image you always visualize. We have the technical knowhow of designing user-defined ideas. We know how to satisfy your graphical needs from what you say, and no design task is too big for us.

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Techcom Solutions :: Web Design

We not only have skilled graphic designers who produce quality graphical designs, but we also possess highly skilled web developers who develop in PHP. Web designing has become one of the most popular services offered today by web designing companies. Techcom solutions happens to have the right candidates to do both jobs - design and development. Amongst these, Techcom Solutions is one such company.