Water Leakage & Demand Management

By: Tantim Technologies  10-03-2012
Keywords: Web Hosting, Data Loggers, Portable Data Loggers

Many of our products are well known within the utilities sector and have been proven to deliver an excellent return on investment. For example, our award winning Permalog noise logging system is a popular choice among leak detection operatives within the water industry, with many hundreds of thousands deployed on pipes listening for leaks around the world. Their use in El Paso, Texas was recently credited with saving the city 6 million gallons of water per day. Similarly, our Economise system has helped to establish us as the technology partner of choice for many energy management service providers. The system enables users to wirelessly and remotely monitor the consumption of water, gas and electricity meters.


We are recognised product specialists in each of the following key areas:


  • Detecting leak areas within the water network - (Leak Localisation)
  • Pinpointing the location of an underground leak - (Leak Pinpointing) 
  • Automatically controlling water pressure in the network - (Pressure Control)
  • Measuring water flow using a portable, temporary meter - (Flow Measurement)
  • Recording data from a meter or the monitoring device, onto a portable device (Portable Data Logging)
  • Recording data and transmitting it automatically to a mobile phone or internet enabled device (Data Logging with Telemetry)
  • Monitoring environmental conditions such as open channels, overflows and chlorine (Environmental Monitoring)
  • Programming, viewing and analysing information sent to and from data loggers (Data Analysers)
    • Managing energy consumption automatically and wirelessly - (Energy Management)
    • Ensuring compliance with current environmental legislation- (Compliance Monitoring)
    • Wirelessly monitor multiple parameters including doors, windows, temperature, CO2 and people in a building- (Building Performance Monitoring)
    • Converting a pulse output meter into a smart meter to enable automatic meter reading- (Automatic Meter Reading)

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