Cable & Pipe Locators, Electronic Markers & GPS for utility mapping

By: Tantim Technologies  10-03-2012
Keywords: GIS mapping, gps mapping, Cable & Pipe Tracing

3M’s unique range of Electronic Markers and Cable / Pipe Locators have set the standard for effective  locating and marking of underground facilities. Locators are user-friendly and reliable with robust design. Users trace target services with confidence the various filters and frequencies facilitate the locating process. Scanning for damage avoidance is equally simple, with digital depth display. Certain models offer additional features such as canle identifcation and Sheath Fault location. Even more excitng is the Electronic Marker,read and write fuctionality.


Electronic Marking technology offers a major improvement on “old style” concrete markers which where used for decades, to indicate the position of buried joints, valves, manholes etc. It is commonly known that visible markers are prone to tampering by construction, land-scaping, or even malicious individuals.


3M markers are designed to be buried below the ground surface at various depths ranging from 600mm to 2.4m deep, depending on the type of marker used. The markers are energized by the locator. The signal is then reflected back to the device to indicate the exact location of the marker. Markers have no serviceable parts, hence there is no maintenance required, and the life span is at least 50 years.


Markers are available in seven different colours with in programmable and passive versions. Programmable markers have a unique ID code on each marker and allow for programming of relevant data for future location and identification. No more costly digging required, simply read the marker to confirm the correct position.


Safety and Damage Avoidance was the primary focus in the development of this innovative technology. A life lost is one too many! ...yet we hear so many horror stories about excavations where live power and gas lines are damaged, resulting in numerous fatalities. 3M promotes safety by encouraging contractors to scan and survey target areas before excavation. Furthermore,

identified services should be carefully exposed using tools which are not likely to damage pipes and cables.

Electronic Markers allow for programming of relevant data which would clearly identify any adjacent buried utilities. Future projects can therefor be conducted with peace of mind if all services in the area have been marked electronically. 


GPS & GIS Mapping

M-series locators can be interfaced with various GPS devices to enable logging of GPS co-ordinates at a point (e.g. manhole), along a line (e.g. cable/pipe line path), or even and area (e.g. parking lot). This data can be exported to any database or GIS Mapping service to ensure that all records are kept up-to-date. The advantage being that intervention teams can navigate to that specific point and use the marker locator to identify the correct position accurately, before excavation.


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