Public Internet Vending Machine

Public Internet Vending Machine from Surf the web (Tony)

By: Surf the web (Tony)  06-22-2009
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  Surftheweb: Provides convenient internet access on demand in busy locations and earn cash passively every month. Owning this business-in-a-box is like owning a money box that keeps on filling.This vending machine provides direct access to the internet onboard via an attached computer (with screen, keyboard and mouse) with users paying R10/R20/R50/R100/R200 to sit down and surf the web (check email, read news, go online dating, read sports reports, watch web videos,Internet banking,Book flights etc, etc) on a pay-per-use basis. i.e. R10 allows 25min access, R20 allows 1 hour, etc - however these values can be adjusted depending on your location.
See below how much cash the machine can earn for you in a good location:5 people insert R10 and 3 people insert R20 (in a day)= R110 cash earned per day= R3300 cash earned per monthThe machine makes use of wireless 3G internet (like a cellphone) and thus only needs to be plugged into a wall socket to offer instant internet access.
Place it at a pub, restaurant, waiting room, guest house, boarding house, shopping centre, laundromat, township etc. near you and run a cash business in your own capacity and with no staff. This is an ideal, ready-to-go business opportunity for the 2010 Soccer World Cup.To purchase this automated business-in-a-box contact Tony.
 The machine features a high-reliability imported note reader (to reduce note rejections) and a vandal-proof all-in-one plastic-covered steel structure. Despite its strength, the unit can be disassembled in 10 minutes and moved easily to a new location in a car boot or bakkie. The price includes a 2m vertical colour vinyl sign to attract customers. If you are interested in owning this machine and running it as a business, please contact me and we can arrange a viewing. Please send me any questions you may have.
Look forward in hearing from all.

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