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Extortion Investigation Are you currently being blackmailed and extorted by individuals who threaten you with making public certain incriminating information that they have of you in exchange for payment. We know how to deal with such matters as it is a serious schedule 1 offence. Crime Scene and DNA Applied Forensics We have forensic investigators who can attend to any crime scene applying their investigation skills incorporating applied forensics Polygraph Testing Our Polygraphist assists us in our investigation cases guiding our investigators with criminal and corporate intelligence investigation and forms a valuable part of our investigation team and is a member of the South African Polygraph Association Constraint of Trade Investigations We have successfully investigated numerous cases for corporate clients and smaller companies who had a restraint of trade in place per contract prohibiting business activities that is prohibited by the contract after termination of service, pension or while still in their employment Missing Persons - Tracing Service Wanting to find a missing person in the South Africa? We can immediately assist you in searching for a missing family member or business partner and proactively assist the Police in their search drawing on our experience and resources Surveillance Covert surveillance services are utilized in investigations involving fraud, corruption, theft, and in personal investigations such as matrimonial infidelity and divorce cases. GPS Vehicle Tracking GPS Tracking is a cost effective method of surveillance, often used in fidelity and matrimonial cases to track cars and movement of criminals during criminal investigations Domestic Investigations We are highly experienced in the investigation of all types of marital, custody and infidelity/cheating within relationships. Mobile Phone and Digital Forensics We are experts in data retrieval, the information extraction and analysis of mobile phones and computers. We have the experience, skills and resources recover data or unmasking harassing phone calls. Honey Trap Service If you suspect that your spouse or partner may cheating and would like to see how they will behave when approached then our Honey Trap service is for you especially for the traveling businessman. Background Checks One of the most essential and valuable components applicable to most investigative processes is a background report comprising all the financial and important information regarding the suspect or business obtainable from our fast network of informants. Asset Location Information regarding an individual's financial circumstances is an important factor to be considered before taking legal action to recover debts owed. Fraud Investigations We are experienced in investigating incidents of fraud, our investigations may combine a number of our computer forensic analysis, document analysis and surveillance in its many forms. Adopted Child Investigation We have an excellent success record in locating birth parents or adopted children in some cases more than forty years after the actual adoption. Computer Forensic The modern Private Investigator knows how much evidence can be found on a computer. Our agents of court room qualified computer forensic experts apply cutting edge computer forensic tools and training with old fashion private detective work to provide our clients with superior computer forensic investigation results. Other Investigations These may include E-Mail Tracing, Asset Searches, Locating Individuals, Recorded Statements and much more. No matter what your concern, we encourage you to call us today and speak with a private investigator to discuss how we can help. All call's and consultations are strictly confidential.

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