Commercial and Dommestic food waste disposers

By: Sinkmaster pty (ltd)  12-15-2010
Keywords: Waste Management, Waste Collection, Refuse Removal

Internationally, Food Waste Disposers have being around for approx 70 years. In many countries they are mandatory - e.g. New Zealand as well as in many US states.

Why should a home owner require a Food Waste Disposer?

Did you know that if food left in a tin is kept for more than 36 hours the content will become poisonous? Of course you did - which is why you do not store the left-over canned fruit in the fridge in its original packaging!

Apply this in the larger environment - think of a municipal landfill where food waste is disposed of with other garbage (including empty canned goods tins). The same chemical reaction occurs there and starts to poison our underground water resources slowly making it undrinkable.

This is just one of the many arguments for the separation of waste.

Did you know that in the , The Gauteng Province published the fact that owing to the Swine Fever Virus in the Eastern Cape NO food waste from hospitals, hostels, harbours, airports may be given as Pig Swill?  Act number 35.1984 refers.

In South Africa we have governmental that states that separation of waste is mandatory in both the commercial and domestic sectors and in turn this has been followed up with a provincial legislation.

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