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By: Scentsable Branding  09-19-2011
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Scentsable Branding is a leading organisation in brand recognition using alternative methods. We believe that using variations of smell, we are able to substantially enhance a companies’ brand equity by using not only sight and or sound. Therefore corporations are able add an additional element to effectively build brand equity for sustained awareness.

Our specific skill and proposition focuses on the impact created by the most important sense, smell. We believe in capitalising on emotions evoked through smell, therefore a consumer is able to experience a more intense reminder associated with a specific smell and brand.

Scentsable brandings’ uses only the finest fragrances and essential oils available. Strict selection of qualified and reliable sources worldwide forms the basis for long-term supplies of these raw materials.


The essential oils are produced from sustainable and renewable natural resources using a mild method of steam distillation. Only the best essential oils are selected from around the world, checked and are monitored rigidly before implementation. A multitude of fascinating fragrances make Scentsable Branding a source of inspiration wherever branding with a fragrance is involved.

Research and development, are areas of major importance in quality control. Highly qualified chemists, flavourists and perfumers ensure that our fragrances are of the highest quality and ecologically compatible.

Our products’ objective is to achieve compound branding, marketing and advertising. By creating an association between smell and the underlying brand we able to target an audience using a unique, however effective technique compared to conventional methods.

The product is tailored made to suit your businesses unique needs and we ensure that our products are affordable to the intended target market. 

So always keep in mind that smell is paramount to our solution.

Smells invoke memories and appeal directly to our feelings without first being filtered andanalyzed by the brain. This is how the remaining four senses are processed. This provides recognition and stimulates emotion. Similar to the emotion felt with a new car, the smell triggers this emotion. An enormous 75% of people’s emotions are evoked throughsmell; thereafter sight, sound, touch and taste stimulate our emotions. Up until now smell has been grossly underestimated in branding, advertising and marketing.

All around the world people and companies are becoming more aware of the power of scent. For instance a Disney World popcorn attendant has a wonderful working knowledge of how smell affects his business. He knows that when business is a little slow, all he needs to do is turn on his artificial popcorn smell and before you know it, people are lining up for popcorn.

Scents evoke images, sensations, memories, and associations. Smell affects us substantially more than we are aware of. We underestimate just how large a role it plays in our lives.

With making reference to Martin Lindstoms book “Brand Sense”, smell is also processed by the oldest part of our brain. There are about 100 000 odors in the world. Test results have shown a 40 percent improvement in our mood when exposed to a pleasant fragrance, particularly if the fragrance taps into a happy memory.

Dr. Trygg Engen of Brown University conducted studies that contradict earlier findings about the predominance of vision, and concludes that our ability to recognize scents and odors is much greater than our ability to recall what we have seen. Various studies have shown that fragrance is a factor when one buys, collects, or uses a product.

We can therefore conclude that odor plays a very important role in consumers’ acceptance of brands. Increasingly aroma is becoming a substantially effective brand vehicle.

There is so much visual clutter in the world that people are becoming skilled at moving through it wearing “blinkers”. Given this overexposure, attention to visual messages has decreased.

Aroma is part of a sensory brand experience, and steady increases of branded smells are being implemented into many corporations worldwide. With having said all this, our primary intention to promote emotional engagement between brand and client. Secondly to create an optimized match between perception and reality for ones trademark. Thirdly to build sustained brand loyalty.

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Keywords: branding

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