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By: Scaw  11-11-2011
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Scaw Metals materials are made into products including McKinnon's range of Max-Alloy GR8 Hooks and Chain

Rolled products

Scaw’s operation in Germiston has two rolling mills; one producing low- and high-carbon wire rod (supplied to Scaw’s wire rod operations) and a range of merchant bar, the other producing light and medium sections.

The combination rod bar mill has a 100 tonne per hour, walking beam re-heat furnace, 21 stands in line and two outlets, a cooling bed for straight products of up to 76mm diameter and a 10 stand, high speed, wire rod mill with controlled cooling facilities for wire rod of up to 18mm diameter. The section mill has a three-high tilting table breakdown mill and one two-high sizing mill that feeds either a medium section train that produces channels and equal and unequal angles, or a ten stand continuous small section and bar train for smaller angles and flats.

Steel is produced in an 85 tonne UHP-EBT arc furnace and ladle furnace combination, which feeds a three strand, high speed, continuous billet casting machine. The caster is equipped with convex water-cooled moulds that allow for high casting speeds and electromagnetic stiring systems that achieve high quality steels. The melt shop uses a high proportion, up to 60%, of directly reduced iron (DRI) in its furnace charge. The DRI is produced from three coal-based rotary kilns located at the Germiston operation in South Africa.

Grinding media

Scaw has a specialised foundry facility at its Germiston, South Africa, operation producing a full range of heat-treated, high-carbon, high-chromium iron grinding media for use in platinum, copper, coal, gold and regrind applications, as well as a forged steel grinding media plant. Scaw’s grinding media operations in Chile, Peru, Mexico and Canada produce a complete range of forged steel heat-treated grinding media in sizes from 20mm to 150mm in diameter and have a total installed capacity of over 700 000 tonnes per year.

High Chromium Media

The first High Chromium ball plant was commissioned in 1985 to meet the requirements of the cement and platinum industries. Subsequent investments have seen major technological improvements and capacity expansions.

High chromium media has been established as the accepted standard grinding media for the comminution of cement and platinum ores.

Forged Steel Media

Forged Steel Media is largely consumed by the gold, copper and base metal mining industries. The Forged Plants are situated on the Union Junction site with the feed stock being supplied from Scaw’s rolling mills.

In December 2006, Scaw expanded its Forged Steel Media capacity by installing Africa’s first Roll-former. This investment assures the mining industry of Scaw's long-term commitment to be a world-class grinding media supplier.

Cast products

The foundry at Scaw’s Germiston, South Africa, operation is one of the largest foundries in the southern hemisphere and produces castings of up to 30 tonnes finished weight. It is a leading supplier of single-piece, thin-walled locomotive and - passenger frames, freight car components and high integrity cast steel railway wheels. The foundry holds the American Association of Railroads’ approval for the-manufacture of freight car side frames, bolsters and cast steel wheels. Other products include large gear segments, high-carbon, high-chromium, abrasion resisting coal grinding elements for coal-fired power stations, high-chromium iron mill liners and impact crushing parts, stainless steel coiler drums, and a range of slag ladles for the metal processing industry.

Arc furnace melting units and a 25 tonne capacity ladle vacuum degassing unit serve the foundry where steels can be produced with lower sulphur, nitrogen, oxygen and hydrogen contents, particularly necessary for the manufacture of high strength, low-alloy steels.

Scaw’s South African foundry in Benoni manufactures a wide range of earthmoving components under licence from the ESCO Corporation, USA, and general engineering products in plain and low-alloy steels of up to eight tonnes finished mass. Other products include manganese wear components for gyratory crushers.

Both foundries are serviced by a large in-house machine shop. Facilities include vertical and horizontal boring mills, CNC machining centres, lathes and planers. Castings of 25 tonnes and five metres in diameter can be machined to close-tolerances. Smaller castings that require CNC batch production runs are also made.

Wire rod products

This business comprises manufacturing plants in South Africa, Zimbabwe, Zambia and Australia. The operation’s main activity is the conversion of steel rod into a range of wire products, supplying markets worldwide as diverse as mining, construction, marine, engineering, elevator, offshore oil and electrical reticulation.

The Steel Wire Rope operation is the world's largest integrated wire mill and ropery plant, manufacturing a wide range of the Haggie® brand of specialised ropes. It is an acknowledged world leader in the manufacture of steel wire ropes for ultra-deep shafts supplying, for example, ropes to the 3 170m-deep single shaft in the AngloGold Moab Khotsong mine in Orkney, South Africa.

Smaller factories are in Zimbabwe and Zambia.

The Wire and Strand operation in Germiston, South Africa has three major product lines; pre-stressed concrete wire and strand, mining commodity rope and high-carbon wire. Pre-stressed concrete strand has been supplied to many prestigious projects worldwide such as the Mandela Bridge in South Africa, the Rama VIII Bridge in Thailand and the Light Horse Interchange in Australia.

The operation's main activity is the conversion of steel wire rod into a range of wire products, supplying markets as diverse as mining, construction, marine, engineering, elevator, offshore oil drilling and electrical reticulation. A large proportion of its output is exported worldwide.

The Chain operations in South Africa and Australia produce a comprehensive range of carbon and alloy steel chains and fittings to national and international standards. The range of products is used extensively in mining, forestry, agriculture, fishing, offshore oil exploration and other industrial applications.

The Fibre Products Division is a manufacturer of natural and synthetic fibre rope and twines. The range of products includes ropes and twines from natural products such as manila, sisal and cotton; and synthetics such as polypropylene, polyethylene, nylon and polyester. The ropes are used as cores in steel wire rope and for mining, marine and agricultural applications.

Keywords: Forged Steel, Steel, Wire, Wire Rod