Saaberie Chishty Society

By: Saaberie Chishty  11-11-2011

The Saaberie Chishty Society made humble beginnings twenty years ago to serve the needy and down trodden in our community. The commitment and dedication of it's members to Almighty Allah through service to humanity, has blossomed into a society that offers 10 important services towards the fulfilment of an Islamic life.

Other products and services from Saaberie Chishty


Saaberie Chishty Society - burial

In addition to catering for the needs of the Muslim community of Lenasia and surrounding areas the Society also deals with National and International Mayyits. Approximately 60% of burials are from destitute background and your generosity assists the society to assist them freely. Al-Hadeeth This is a 24hr burial service that was established in 1982. When you give Shrouding for the Dead let it be a good Shrouding.


Saaberie Chishty Society - welfare

This division of the society has been established for the destitute public of Lenasia irrespective of race. Some food items and grocery vouchers are donated to the society from donors on a monthly basis. The shortfall is eliminated by other donations and by members themselves.


Saaberie Chishty Society - madressah

This division has solely being created to supply sound Islamic knowledge to the Muslim youth of Lenasia and surrounding area’s. The source of funding comes from an annual banquet in addition to Madressah fees. The society also provides transportation to and from the Madressah.