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By: Rosa Organics  08-20-2013
Keywords: moisturising, Firming, Natural Sun Screen

ROSA PROTÉGÉ – anti-oxidant

A revolutionary day treatment designed to combatenvironmental and lifestyle threats, Rosa Protégé is a concentratedanti-oxidant, moisturizer, and firming agent in one treatment.  It also offers moderate sun protection forday to day use.  Entirely natural, thispowerhouse of skin nutrients has no equal. Rosa Protégé is best used in the day because of its powerfulanti-oxidant properties.  With regularuse, Rosa Protégé will

·        Slow down ageing to the skin

·        Protect against free radical scavengers

·        Protect against environmental stress.

·        Lock in moisture all day long

·        Protect the lipid barrier

·        Protect the protein structure of the skin

·        Push skin nutrients into the skin via itsexcellent molecular structure

·        Firm and tone the skin

·        Restore youthful resilience and plumpness to theskin

Rosa Protégé contains Palmitoleic Acid which is rare in itsbotanical form, and is vital in the quest to slow down ageing.  Palmitoleic Acid, also known as Omega 7, is makinga name for itself in respected circles because this powerful MonounsaturatedFat is appearing in clinical trials and in the media globally. Rosa Protégé hashigh concentrations and when paired with Rosanique (night time treatment) willreverse the suns of ageing in record time. 

Keywords: Firming, moisturising, Natural Sun Screen, Protects Lipid Barrier, UVA + UVB protection,

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Rosa Organics Face Masks, exfoliators and body rubs will improve the appearance, tone and condition of the skin with one application.  When used with Rosa Exclusives concentrated face oils & serums the results are vastly improved.



Rosa Organics is a Premium Skin Care brand.  We product skincare suitable for all skin types but in particular for sun damaged, scarred, prematurely aged and sensitive skins.  A result will be noted in a very short space of time.  Rosa Organics products are concentrated and highly active.  Our ingredients are natural or organic and contain no contaminants, mineral oils, or harmful preservatives.


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Rosa Organics is a premium brand of natural and organic skin care.  With regular use a result will be seen in just one week (improved hydration and colour) with greater improvements being noted after 3 weeks.  A dramatic result will be noticed after 3-4 months.  The Rosa Organics brand is designed for women and men who are particular about what they use and are results driven.


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Rosa Silhouette

Rosa Organic Exclusive Range of Natural Oils & Serums will take years off your skin. A Vibrant, Healthy Looking, Enriched skin is yours within one week.  The improvements are noticeable in a month and dramatic in three months.  For best results use with Rosa Organics Elementals.  An active range of organic/natural face exfoliators & masks and body rubs that are activated at time of use.