Anti wall climb spikes for perimeter security manufactured as well as sold in South Africa

By: Razorspike  11-11-2011
Keywords: Electric Fences, Wall spikes, Local Laws And Regulations

Razor Spike 11 is the most popular and aggressive anti-climb wall spike product in our range. 
The three dimensional design provides greater volume, superior strength and an excellent physical and psychological barrier. Razor Spike 11 is manufactured from 1.6mm steel and is heavily ribbed during the manufacturing process to ensure ultimate strength and sharpness. Razor Spike 11 is 11cm high and consists of two rows of wall spikes. The outer row of wall spikes is barbed and provides a continuous row of spikes angled outwards which will overhang the edge of the structure to which it is attached. The inner wall spike is a thinner stiletto shaped ribbed spike that will penetrate a boot or similar object.


  • Virtually impossible to climb over
  • Heavily ribbed for strength
  • Galvanized against corrosion
  • Powdercoating optional
  • Double row of barbed wall spikes
  • Easy to Install
  • Maintenance free


  • Perimeter Walls
  • Gates + Fences
  • Building roofs
  • Upgrade electric fences by fitting Razor 11 under the fence.
  • Domestic, Industrial, Commercial, Military, Correctional Security.

Warning - The manufacturers advise that Razor Spikes are potentially dangerous and should be attached to walls and fences at a minimum height of 2m. The installed wall spikes must avoid any and all contact with pedestrian traffic and be installed in a highly visible manner in compliance with local laws and regulations and necessary warning signs.

Keywords: Electric Fences, Local Laws And Regulations, Wall spikes,

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Security spikes for perimeter walls sold as well as manufactured in Gauteng by Razorspike

Razor Spike 6 can be used as a stand alone barrier or it can be used to strengthen or upgrade the security rating of wire mesh fences, diamond mesh fences and electric fence installations. Razor Spike 6 anti-climb wall spike is heavily ribbed for strength and consists of two rows of anti climb wall spikes.


Rotry razor spikes for perimeter security walls, manufactured as well as sold in South Africa

These units are installed using a bracket, which has a stub axle on each side supporting the unit, this leaves it free to turn providing an unstable barrier that is extremely difficult and dangerous to try and negotiate. Rotry Razor Spike is made up of two lengths of modified Razor 11 spike affixed to a 1,5m long x 25.5mm OD galvanized tube.


Security wall spikes for perimeter walls manufactured as well as sold in South Africa

The SS Blade spike can be fitted to all surfaces but we find it is best used to strengthen and upgrade the security rating of palisade fences by attaching it to the top rail and posts. The SS Blade wall spike is 6cm high and extremely sharp consisting of numerous formed triangular wall spikes. The strength of the stainless steel allows us to manufacture it slightly thinner resulting in sharper edges.


Razor Wire | Security wall spikes manufactured and sold by Razor Spike International throughout South Africa

The wire is manufactured in different sizes and consists of razor sharp blades which are potentially dangerous for an intruder trying to breach the perimeter. Concertina coil is used on applications where volume is necessary as it forms a tube of lethal blades that is very difficult to breach. Flat Wrap razor wire is used on applications where the surface of the perimeter fencing is narrow.


Car stop motor vehicle security barriers for home, work as well as garages in South Africa

Carstop parking posts are concreted into the surface by excavating a hole 900 x300 x 300, fitting two drainage sumps and cementing the unit flush level with the paving. If the vehicle is reversed the bumper rides up the A-Frame until traction is lost and the car is thus immobilized. A-Frame design lifts wheels off ground immobilizing the vehicle.


Solutions to raise precast walls by Razor spike international throughout South Africa

The Raise-A-Wall extension sleeve is the safest, strongest and most aesthetically pleasing method to use when extending your pre-cast wall. The extension is Hot Dip Galvanized against rust and is painted in a grey primer similar to the colour of the grey precast panel. We will match the extended panels to the design and size of the panels in your existing wall.