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Graine de Pastel from Raphaels

By: Raphaels  09-21-2009
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Between Toulouse, Albi and Carcassone, there is a place where a legend is transmit: the

"pays de cocagne" (land of plenty). A beautiful tale around a colour, the blue. During the Renaissance, crushed and dried woad leaves were traded in gold prices throughout Europe : the "cocagnes" or "coques" in Occitan. Their strength? They released an exceptional blue pigment used by dyers. Unique natural source of blue, woad made the wealthy of merchants in southwest of France, and thus forged the legend of this land of plenty. Nowadays, this blue gives the colour to all Graine de pastel products.

Isatis Tinctoria is the scientist name of woad. It comes from the Greek Isadso, which means cure, since the dawn of time the leaves were used for poultices. Hippocrates claimed its healing virtues, and the Pharmacopoeia cited over centuries this medicinal plant for its dermatological properties. Today’s science enables to rediscover woad and its incredible secret… a benefi cent and rare oil! Extracted from its tiny seeds, it is rich in Essential Fatty Acids, these famous Omega 3, 6 and 9, fundamental to ones health. Constituents of the cell membrane, it sublimes ones skin. Soft and gentle, it prevents from external aggressions, and anti-ageing… Ones grandmothers have always known it : For a beautiful skin, nothing like simple and natural recipes ! That is Graine de pastel spirit.

Keywords: Beauty Products