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By: Rain Africa  11-11-2011
Keywords: Traditional Healers

Time honoured african medicines have been tried and tested over thousands of years. Southern africa’s traditional healers or ‘inyangas’ have relied for centuries on the medicinal plants of the region for the ingredients of balms, tinctures, infusions and salves, gathered in the wild. The knowledge of these wise herbalists was passed on through oral tradition and today modern science has confirmed the curative value of many of south africa’s indigenous plants.

Our african spa range is founded on the age-old wisdom of african herbalists and perfected by contemporary botanical scientific research.

Ingredients are wild harvested from the veld by groups of women who are formed into co-operatives. These oils are refined by laboratories in France and rendered safe and highly suitable for cosmetic use. We have made use of kalahari melon, marula, mongongo nut, baobab and mafura butters throughout our african spa range.

This range offers scrubs, muds, butters, masks, soaks, oils – a veritable pantry from which to feed and nourish your skin in the privacy of your home or via professional spa or salon use.

Keywords: Traditional Healers

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