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By: Rain Africa  11-11-2011

At the southernmost tip of Africa two mighty oceans – the sensuous Indian and the coldly furious Atlantic – collide in one of the most spectacular and terrifying stretches of coastline on earth. Thunderheads roil above the mountains flanking the sea, whipping up electric storms that culminate in purifying downpours of driving rain. It is a place of contrast and natural beauty that defies human language. Here hidden reefs become graveyards for stricken ships while small bays are havens for birthing whales who travel weary on their long annual pilgrimage to the Southern ocean. This is Nature’s cauldron. Here she brews the life-giving rain upon which Southern Africa relies.

The Rain factory is a mere 100km inland and we are reminded daily of our dependence on Natures’ gifts, water above all. The rejuvenating African Rain range embodies this complex beauty. It is in the innocent scent of new rain, in mist rising from the plains, in tiny mountain streams and hail lashing green foliage. It can be found in the vivid greys and charcoals of thunderclouds and foaming white breakers as well as in the azure tranquility of the quiet ocean overlooked by whitewashed fisherman’s cottages.

ocean blues, lagoon turquoises, storm colours, hues of the sky country

fragrance :
an ambery fragrance, lifted by lemon, mandarin, freesia and oakmoss. a tempestuous, mysterious stormy scent with unisex overtones.

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It is all about integrity and about offering our customers something that we can be proud of and that we chose to use on our own skins.Our body products are not just a pleasure to use, they actually feed and nourish your skin – they are good for your body. Handmade by its very definition means a delightful uncertainty when it comes to uniformity and tangible evidence that a human hand has carefully made the item.


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Southern africa’s traditional healers or ‘inyangas’ have relied for centuries on the medicinal plants of the region for the ingredients of balms, tinctures, infusions and salves, gathered in the wild. The knowledge of these wise herbalists was passed on through oral tradition and today modern science has confirmed the curative value of many of south africa’s indigenous plants.


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Fragrance:a blend of over 100 perfumed ingredients from citrusy notes, to woods & grasses create a complex and fascinating scent of the wild, reminiscent of pure, rain washed air mingled with veld grass and dust. It is the unrelenting wilderness, untamed vistas, the distinctive scent of rain on thirsty earth and untamed vistas that we find the wellspring of our inspiration.