The ST-001 one of the best soundproofing solutions on the market

By: Proof  10-25-2012
Keywords: Film Production, Recording Studio, Music Recording

Proof is now the official distributor for Sound Isolation System ST-001 (sound isolation clip) , also known as the RSIC-1 . 

One of the key principles of soundproofing is decoupling. This is exactly what the ST-001 will achieve for you. 
You fix the clips onto the wall evenly spaced according to the installation diagram. Then clip your hat channel into the clip. Then install your insulation between the hat channel. 
Finally you can fix your plasterboard onto the hat channel. 
This system will give you an extremely good soundproofing system that is easily installed without having to pull down walls or make any major alteration. 

There are two types of hat channel  the 129 and the 308.  Depending on your application the finished face of the wall will be either (309)  50 mm or  (129) 70 mm. This is allowing for a double layer of drywall. 

So you can effectively treat your walls without having to inconvenience yourself or lose to much space. 

You will always here people talk about the best solution for soundproofing is to create a room within a room. Well this system does exactly that. 

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