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By: Proof  10-25-2012
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We give you a quick breakdown on one of our recent projects.

Our client who is a music producer was having problemsproducing music in his current space. Not only was the space to big he wasgetting constant complaints form neighbours.

So we carried out some test and decided the best solutionsfor the client would be to created a room within the room.

The first phase was to erect a metal partition wall  on all four walls. Where there was anexisting wall. We erected the partition wall 25mm off of the wall so soundcannot travel straight through to the existing wall.

After the metal partition frame was up we fixed one layer of15mm drywall, then inserted one layer of mineral wool between the metalpartition framework.

Then we installed another layer of mineral wool to close upthe partition.

We then filled all the joints on the drywall with acousticalsealant.

Then we put one layer of green glue on the final layer of15mm drywall, before we affixed this to the partition wall.

We then applied acoustic sealant to all the gaps on theedges of the drywall board.

Three coats of paint and finishing strips where then appliedto the drywall.

Inside the studio we created a space with some dead and somelive surfaces. The dead surfaces will absorb the sound. The live surfaces willreflect the sound. This balance of live and dead will create a realisticlistening environment.

We created our dead surfaces using acoustic tiles to absorbsound and for the live surfaces we used plywood  with an uneven surface.

The ceiling in the studio has been curved to reduce theamount of corners in the studio. We installed a linen fabric fixed on aframework to create a curved ceiling this breaks the sound up as it bouncesfrom the floor to the ceiling.

We then hung custom made bass traps to absorb the differentlow frequency ranges.

The floor was finished of with foam rubber matting to reducefloor reflections.

The door was custom made sliding door which had high densitymaterial inside.

The over sound in the studio was very clean and natural.

The approx cost breakdown for this project which was tocreate a good listening environment while soundproofing to stop soundinterfering with the neighbours.

Room Size 3m x 3m

New metal partition walls with a mineral wool infill anddouble boarded with 15mm drywall with a green glue layer in between.

R 28000

Curved ceiling made with a wooden framework with abreathable material fixed to it.

R 4000

Custom made bass traps to absorb different low frequency ranges6 traps in total.       

R 7200

Rubber foam flooring tiles


Acoustic tiles fixed to walls at opposite ends.


Custom made sliding door


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