Green Glue

By: Proof  10-22-2012
Keywords: SOUND, Recording Studio, Soundproofing

Green Glue

Green Gluecan be used to soundproof walls, floors and ceilings. Use Green Glue in-betweentwo sheets of drywall or any other porous, rigid building material. Green Glueworks effectively against any impact or airborne noise control problem

Green Glue will form a flexible, viscoelastic layerwhen used between two sheets of hard material.


Green gluesoundproofing compound is  a unique damping product that is ideal for newconstruction and renovation projects. It is one of the most cost effectivesoundproofing materials on the market. The compounds unique properties act as adamping material to dissipate the vibrations caused by sound waves as theytravel through ceilings, walls and floors. Green glue is Non-hazardous,environmental responsible and has practically no odour. It is a costeffective solution that will add value to your space and give you peace ofmind.

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Keywords: Green Glue, Noise proof compound, Recording Studio, SOUND, Soundproofing,

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