Complimentary Healing & training in complimentary healing

Complimentary Healing & training in complimentary healing from Pranic Circle

By: Pranic Circle  05-02-2012
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Pranic Healing is a powerful scientific form of energy medicine which can heal a wide range of physical and psychological ailments. Surrounding and interpenetrating the physical body of any living being is an aura of energy known as the bioplasmic (or etheric) body. This body is seen using Kirlian or GDV photography and absorbs Prana from the surroundings and distributes it throughout the physical and energy bodies. When this function is compromised, ill health follows. Pranic Healing is unique in that no physical contact is required making it painless, non-invasive and independent of any medicines or drugs. Pranic Healing does not conflict with conventional medical treatments - rather Pranic Healing compliments any other form of healing. There have however been numerous, documented instances where its application alone has been sufficient to alleviate pain and heal ailments. All training done in Southern Africa is internationally recognised and controlled by the World Pranic Healing Foundation and Institute of Inner Studies, Manila.

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