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By: Power Horse  11-11-2011
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Does POWER HORSE contain different ingredients in Austria versus those distributed in other countries?

NO. POWER HORSE Energy Drink is produced with the same ingredients in the same quantities all over the world. Only the labeling of the contents differs from country to country according to the different laws and regulations.

Does POWER HORSE Energy Drink contain vitamin and mineral supplements?

Yes! POWER HORSE Energy Drink contains Vitamin B12, B2, B6 and Niacin. Vitamin B2 is needed for normal nerve cell activity, DNA replication, and production of the mood-affecting substance. Vitamin B12 acts with folic acid and vitamin B6 to control homocysteine levels. The amount of vitamins contained does not exceed the recommended daily allowance.We must obtain vitamins from natural foods, or dietary supplements in order to sustain life.

What exactly is Taurine?
Taurine (in POWER HORSE Energy Drink) is a "life-supporting compound"
and an essential amino acid naturally produced in the human body.
Taurine can be found in high amounts in human tissue, especially in muscle, liver, lungs, brain and bile. During times of extreme physical exertion, the body can not produce the required amounts of taurine, and a relative deficiency results.
Taurine acts as a metabolic transmitter and additionally, taurine has a detoxifying effect and strengthens cardiac contractility.

What is an Energy Drink? An Energy Drink is a drink that due to its exceptional composition provides your body with extra energy during times of increased physical strain or stress. POWER HORSE Energy Drink contains taurine and glucuronolactone, two important metabolic transmitters, and caffeine as well as important vitamins, carbohydrates and inositol. This unique composition of ingredients has the following effects:

* Increases physical endurance and mental alertness & performance
* Improves reaction speed and concentration * Stimulates metabolism and increases stamina * Improves blood circulation and the coordination of the central nervous system * Enhances muscle tone at unbalanced electrolytic level * Contributes to detoxification of harmful substances in the body * Reduces stress recovery period

What is Calcium Pantothenat? Calcium pantothenate is used for synthesis of fatty acid. It is found in fruits and yeast. Daily demand: 3-5 mg.
What is Inositol?It is a kind of sugar alcohol and an important factor for growth. It is also in the body to contact against the fatty degeneration of the liver.
What is Glucuronolactone? It is a substance found in the body which accelerates the elimination of both endogenic and exogenic noxal (harmful substances). So it too has a detoxifying effect.

Keywords: Energy Drink, Metabolic Transmitter, Taurine, Vitamin, vitamin and mineral,