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By: Ohmedia  11-11-2011
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Pixel Palette™

The Pixel Palette™ combines a number of technologies that work together to provide full digital signage solution in an out of home environment. In its current state the product consists of networked multimedia information appliances which makes use of a media-processing platform or set-top box that controls one or many Liquid Crystal Display's Plasma screens or televisions. The set-top box is a digital video and audio processor designed to playback video and high-resolution still images. The client’s content is uploaded from a central server (IRIS) via the General Radio Packet Service (“GPRS”), EDGE or any similar communication method including satellite, wireless or ADSL.

IRIS™ Software

The IRIS software has been custom developed by OHMedia to provide a video database with complete scheduling control and an in-depth audit trail. The client has the ability to choose the specific location where the content should be screened offering a focussed media delivery mechanism. The software remotely controls all functionality that runs on the Pixel Palette as well as the content sent over the GPRS network. IRIS also contains detailed log files, which offers the client a complete audit trail.

The IRIS™ Software incorporates the following functionality:

  • Audio and video – lets the client display a variety of content formats including full audio-visual and still picture displays for varying lengths of time
  • Schedule content – allows the client to determine the time, place and duration for the screening of their content
  • Split Screen Technology – the ability to display multiple images on one screen
  • Alternate source integration – the ability to view multiple sources of content on screen, for example a live DSTV feed ‘’on top’’ or ‘’next to’’ specific custom made content.
  • Ticker – enables the client to display items such as news, sport and financial headlines on a rolling ticker. Up to date content is supplied by Internet based news portals
  • HTML based authoring – ability to display HTML based content and accept XML and RSS feeds with automatic refreshments and updates
  • Trigger Switch – integration of live in-store radio with digital signage. The presenter is able to hit a trigger and immediately display specific on screen content to tie in with what is being presented on the radio channel.
  • Delete/suspend content – for the content the client has stopped using, the technology allows us to suspend the content for a set period of time or remove it completely from the network
  • Adjust volume – complete remote control of our set-top boxes enables OHM to adjust the volume to the client’s needs and to vary this should the client so wish from our remote control centre
  • Retrieve log files – ensure you get what you paid for with this feature. Clients may require an audit trail of their ad flightings to ensure value for money. This feature will report to the client what was played, when, where and how often
  • Site activity verification process – this tells the client that the display units were functional and that the public is not viewing a blank screen
  • Content verification process – this feature ensures that what the client requested was displayed completely
  • Content sent to specific locations – target your market and reduce wastage of marketing spend by sending the content you want to the display unit in the most relevant locations for your product or message
  • Control of each set top box – any software upgrades can be done remotely through this feature 
  • Auto-reboot function – in the event of a  power failure or such similar event, the set-top box and display units will automatically begin playing again with no manual intervention required
  • Broadcast ability – allows advertisers the unprecedented ability to market their products or services nationally and simultaneously
  • Real time content updates – for tight screening deadlines and urgent information dissemination the content can be sent immediately to the locations required and begin playing
  • Security (hardware) – stainless steel housing, polycarbonate sheeting, cliplok™ stainless channelling and Torx™ tamperproof screws are just some of the mechanisms put in place to ensure the Pixel Palette remains tamper and theft proof.
  • Security (network) - includes dedicated firewalls, IPSEC tunnelling and 256-bit encryption software

Keywords: Digital signage, Signage Solution

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