Supplementary valuation roll (9) objection outcomes expected end of February 2013: now what?

By: Nita van Zyl Incorporated  01-12-2013
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Supplementary valuation roll (9) objection outcomes expected end of February 2013:  now what? 

It certainly has been a long wait, but the City of Joburg Valuation Services is expected to make available the outcomes of the approximately 16 000 objections to property market values as listed in the supplementary valuation roll (9), by the end of February 2013.  Ratepayers who objected to the market value of their properties should be aware that the municipal valuer’s decisions do not denote the end of the road for their objections, but that they may take further steps against the Council if they remain dissatisfied with such decisions.  Such steps comprise applying for the reasons for the municipal valuer’s decisions and appealing against such decisions.

Section 53(2) of the Local Government:  Municipal Rates Act, no 6 of 2004, states that a ratepayer may apply in writing to the municipal manager for the reasons for a decision within 30 days after being notified of such decision.  A prescribed fee must accompany the application.

The municipal valuer must, within 30 days after receipt of such application by the municipal manager, provide written reasons for the decision to the ratepayer.  Obtaining reasons are especially important if a ratepayer intends lodging an appeal against the decision to the appeal board.

Ratepayers must lodge appeals within 30 days after the date on which the municipal valuer’s decision was sent to them or, if they have requested reasons, within 21 days after the day on which the municipal valuer’s decision was sent to them.

Ratepayers naturally continue to be liable for their City of Joburg accounts until such time as the valuation roll is adjusted in accordance with decisions taken by the appeal board.  Ratepayers would be well advised to strictly comply with the time limitations set out herein, should they wish to request reasons or appeal against the municipal valuer’s decisions.

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Supplementary valuation roll (9) outcomes expected end of February 2013

City of Joburg supplementary valuation roll (9):  contact us for legal assistance with requesting reasons for the municipal valuer's decision re the market value of your property and the lodging of an appeal against such decision.