By: Modrac  11-11-2011
Keywords: Managed Services, Equipment Manufacturer, Racking Systems

Modrac Design Centre

Modrac has a comprehensive design centre where customers can actively participate in the custom development of products and special designs. Highly qualified design staff will assist in design, construction and installation of specialised products. Customers can use a variety of design software to aid the development of their products, as Modrac has invested in all the latest software and technology to provide the best service to our clients.

Visit our comprehensive show room to view the latest products and designs.

Modrac National Operations Centre (NOC)

Managed services are set to increase significantly over the next five years and Modrac is the first Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) to keep abreast of the ever increasing demand on racking systems and requirements of cooling high density servers being deployed in the ICT market.

Organisations of all sizes are making more intelligent sourcing decisions enabling the procurement of discrete services to be part of an overall organisational sourcing strategy. Hence the evolution of the very first 24/7 National Operations Centre (NOC) for environmental management of racking systems for manufacturers in South Africa.

The National Operations Centre is responsible for monitoring the environment around racking systems deployed to house the network and reporting on alarms or certain conditions which may require special attention to avoid impact on the networks performance. (See EnviroRac® and IntelliRac options).

Conditions which can be monitored and reported on are:

  • Power Failure
  • Power Management
  • Temperature – high and low states
  • Door access parameters
  • Smoke/fire presence
  • Fire
  • Humidity
  • Air flow rates
  • Air conditioner status and performance
  • Generators
  • Water / Gasoline tank levels
  • Water leak detection

Modrac thus has the ability to:

  • Assist with designs and construction
  • Manufacture and supply
  • Assist with Installations
  • Monitor, report and Control remotely
  • Maintenance of sites
  • Emergency assistance for maximum up-time of networks.

Keywords: Equipment Manufacturer, Managed Services, Racking Systems