Rack Mount 63A to 2x32A 6x15A and 1x Socapex

Rack Mount 63A to 2x32A 6x15A and 1x Socapex from Metropolis Sound & Lighting

By: Metropolis Sound & Lighting  12-14-2009
Keywords: Mobile Power Distro

    This is a standard but adaptable product. Built into a 7U Rack mount chassis it has a 63A 5 Pin CEE Form Connector as the input. Mains protection is supplied by a Earth Leakage with overload protection. 2x 32A 5 Pin CEE form outlets are protected by 3 pole 32A Breakers. 6x 15A outlets and a single socapex outlet are protected by a further 12x single pole 16A breakers. The socapex and 15A outlets can be swopped for a combination of 16A CEE Form Outlets; 15A outlets and socapex connectors.
The unit has a multi finction meter monitoring phase to phase and phase to neutral voltages as well current draw on all phases.

Keywords: Mobile Power Distro