By: Mediation and Divorce  01-11-2011
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What is mediation?

Mediation is a method of alternative dispute resolution. A third party helps resolve a dispute that two or more people have. The parties reach a decision themselves, the mediator acts as a go-between between the parties.

Mediation is negotiation with the aid of a third party (the mediator). The role of the divorce mediator. The ediator assists the divorcing couple to reach a settlement agreement. Mediators are specifically trained in mediation techniques and aim to get disputes resolved quickly and amicably.

The mediator is not fulfilling the role of an attorney or advocate. Nor is the ediator a counsellor. They can, however, refer divorcing couples to other professionals where necessary.

What is divorce mediation?
The aim of divorce mediation is to assist the divorcing couple in reaching a settlement agreement.Therefore divorce mediation is generally: quicker than litigation cheaper than litigation less stressful. Divorce mediation takes place in a non-threatening environment. The couple are assited to reach an amicable, workable settlement agreement. The focus is on resolving disputes.Once the settlement agreement is reached the divorce can proceed to court as an unopposed divorce and the settlement agreement is then made an order of court by an attorney.

What is family mediation?
Family mediation takes place under any circumstances involving a dispute in a family, other than divorce. The aim is to assist the parties to reach an amicable agreement.

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