Robot Packing Cells

Robot Packing Cells from Mechaneer

By: Mechaneer  03-08-2016
Keywords: Robot, Robotic Packing, Bag-in-Bag

We design, manufacture and install various end of line robotic packing cells for palletizing products for distribution. We specifically design for simplicity and minimal maintenance/upkeep. We realize no one these days has the expertise to maintain complex systems anymore. Our systems range from 'just a robot and two manual pallet stations' to 'fully automated' in-feed and bagging stations. We typically pack at 900 bags an hour (relatively slow? - remember we do this 24/7, so to say!). We typically average system availabilities of over 95%. We are also the only international company offering a Bag-in Bag system where we palletize bagged product (up to 80 kg per bag) inside a 1 to 2 ton bale bag - for distribution using a palletless system. Products packed are typically maize meal, fertilizer, cement, lime/calcium and granular products. In short, if you bag it, we'll pack it. Two of our largest customers are Sasol and Omnia.

Keywords: Bag-in-Bag, Narrow Profile Gripper, Palletless System, Robot, Robotic Packing, Robotic Palletizing,